Apart from minor corrections of spelling, punctuation and grammar the text below is what a proselytiser put here. My answers are emboldened.


I don't care how you reply to this. If you ignore it,spit on it, accept it, or live by it. If I save one soul with this page I won over Satan. I just beg of you to read this. And I'm sorry for making this a page, my Laptop would mess up every time I tried to make it a blog.

I’ve read it.


First of all, how did Ramses II drown during his slaughter against Jews if God didn't kill him. And how did the Jews cross the Red Sea if they didn't walk right through it. (Exodus)
The chances are it didn’t happen, it’s yet another example of Mythology in the Bible.

Reports show that God stopped accepting Jewish offerings after Jesus died. (Matthew, Mark, Luke, John, Acts) The chances are nothing changed and no God accepted or rejected offerings before or after the time of Jesus. It’s yet another example of Mythology in the Bible.

How did Christianity get to Ethiopia if Phillip didn't preach to the Enuch? (Acts)
Any early Christian or group of Christians might have got Christianity to Ethiopia.

How did Israel and Egypt get into the Egyptian War if not for the ancient times? (Exodus, Leviticus)
Which war do you mean? Throughout history people have got into wars for any number of different reasons and biblical prophecies are not needed to explain all that.


Pottery from Jewish Culture was found all along the path from Ancient Egypt to Ancient Israel. (Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers, Deuteronomy)
Is the author sure this happened? Lying for Jesus is quite a problem. Some preacher may have told this story to increase the author’s Faith even if it is untrue. Even if true this means no more than that Jewish traders passed through Sinai during the several thousand years that Egypt and Israel existed. I expect that happened very many times.

Ruins of Sodom and Gomorrah were found. (Genesis)
Ron Wyatt who claimed he had discovered Sodom and Gomorrah is discredited.

Every Nation was found at the correct time in the correct place throughout the whole thing.
Please give your evidence for this. If true it means no more than that biblical writers knew which nation was where. Don’t we know where modern nations are?


This world is so perfectly made it couldn't have happened by accident.
If the world was created the creator does not have to be the God of the Bible. If the world is a creation there is so much evil any creation is far from perfect.

There is a part of the brain only used when Christians are praying.
Again That is untrue. There is a part of the brain that is involved in very many different religious and imaginative experiences. See the links below:-

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The universe could have gotten here by

  • A. Itself, with no help (which is proven impossible).
  • B.It has aways been here (Which is proven impossible) OR
  • C. With the help of God

Does the author think God got here by himself/herself? That’s as hard to explain as the Universe getting here by itself. The author is typical of Christian fundamentalists who think they can understand Science better than the top physicists in the world. See Christian fundamentalism for an entertaining explanation. Internationally respected Cosmologist, Stephen Hawking among other top scientists believes physics can explain the universe, see Stephen Hawking: 'There is no heaven; it's a fairy story'. It’s reasonable to trust the opinion of Stephen Hawking more than that of Christian preacher with no special scientific knowledge. Incidentally if the universe is created why does the creator have to be the God of the Bible? Why can’t there be a Team of creators as in, for example Hindu mythology?

Common Sense[]

How could it spread so fast without higher help?
I assume “it” refers to Christianity, as before we have no evidence that Christianity spread so fast outside the Bible. Islam certainly spread fast in its early stages. Does that prove that Muhammad had divine help?

How did skeptics James, brother of Jesus, and Saul/Paul of Tarsus convert without proof?
Is there any evidence outside the Bible that James, brother of Jesus, and Saul/Paul of Tarsus existed let alone converted? If they did convert people that proves nothing. Many people convert to many different belief systems for rational or irrational reasons. Why did so many people convert to Islam without proof? Christianity and Islam can’t both be true, one or both must be false, see How many gods?.

If he isn't real, and I believe, I'm not losing anything. If he is, and you don't believe, you are losing a whole lot more. For all we know there may be a perverse God who only lets atheists into Heaven! It's not impossible, right? In the unlikely event that there is an Afterlife Atheism might be the better bet, see Pascal’s Wager.

What to do if convinced[]

Pray. Say,"God, I am a sinner. I turn away from those sins. I believe in you and ask you to be my Lord and Savior. Please help me in My walk with you. Amen." Remember that you have to truly believe in him. Then confess your faith. Obtain a Bible, read the commands in the New Testament, and obey them. In Revelation it speaks of the end times. Read that if you are interested. And walk away from your computer or mobile device a new person. If you are convinced, then I'll see you in Heaven.
This is nothing but an Appeal to emotion and that’s a logical fallacy. A Christian can read what are called commands in the Bible but no human being has the will power to obey them consistently. There is a strong case to make that believing in Religion without rational evidence will make you a worse person.

There is a good and a a bad side to Christianity, see the category page