Alcatraz, Al Capone, Alcohol is the title of the third episode from season two of Way of the Master.

Episode Synopsis[]

Episode Walkthrough[]

(1:30 - 2:18)

After several screen shots of the prison, Kirk and Ray explain why this prison was the last place anyone would want to be. It was heavily guarded, thick walls, and an island surrounded by freezing cold water.

(2:20 - 3:05)

Ray explains that Alcatraz has a lot of history. Prisoners had guns, and there was once a shoot out. Three prisoners escaped by scratching through the walls with spoons to a vent, where they crawled out. Baby-Face Nelson was imprisoned there. Alcatraz even is the place where the infamous Al Capone was imprisoned and died.

But Ray and Kirk dare not mention that Al Capone was a Christian. Nor do they mention the large Christian population in America alone that outnumbers the non-Christian and atheist population.

(3:06 - 3:24)

  • Kirk "Now some prisons like Alcatraz are obvious, you get thrown in here you know it. It is clear. But there are other kinds of prisons that aren't so easy to see. Take for instance the prison of alcoholism or drug addiction. You may not be able to see the steel bars, but they are there.

Interview with a Drunk[]

(3:25 - 5:17)

Ray interviews a man drinking outside a bar. Several photo shots capture the man in weird positions. The man admits he loves alcohol but is not an addict. He has no money, he relies on friends to but alcohol.

One man does not mean all people who get drunk resemble or think like this individual does.


(5:30 - 6:13)

  • Ray "Now of course, most non-Christians will deny they are in a prison of sin. They are enjoying the pleasure of sin. They are like an alcoholic. You say you have a problem with alcohol, he says "What are you talking about? I drink, I get drunk, I fall down, I get back up and I drink more. No Problem." But it is when he tries to pull away that he realizes that he is in the prison of alcohol. Now the whole of humanity is in this prison. We're held captive, we are waiting to die, because the God of the universe (the Judge of the universe) has proclaimed the death sentence of humanity. He said the soul that sins, it shall die. He said the wages of sin is death."

You cannot deny that which does not exist. Sin has no proof whatsoever, an not once has Kirk or Ray proved that it has. Instead, throughout this entire program they presuppose their version of sin does exist. Remember this old famous phrase: ""The fact that a believer is happier than a skeptic is no more to the point than the fact that a drunken man is happier than a sober one."

(6:15 - 6:28)

  • Ray "Of course, our holding cell is not in a small cell. It is huge with a big blue roof, bright light and air conditioning. Nevertheless, this earth is a holding cell."

Only in Ray's fantasy is this planet a prison cell. Some men have made it to the moon, there are no prison bars keeping us here. Ray thinks that we have souls that enter heaven (wherever that is) after we die, but there is no evidence that we have souls or any part of us go anywhere apart from back into the earth.

(6:30 - 6:49)

  • Ray "Now we can have a happy life. We can get married, play sports, we can travel, but we are still waiting to die. 10 out 10 die. But the question is, how can we awaken those who do not think about their mortality and thus do not think about their eternal salvation?

Street Interview[]

(6:50 - 7:22)

Here Ray asks people if they think about death, and they do not. Death does not worry them. The last interview (an atheist) believes you enter this world with nothing, you leave with nothing.

(7:24 - 8:13) Switch scene to Kirk on a fire escape.

  • Kirk "What do you do when someone says to you "hey man I do not worry about dying, because when you're dead you're dead"? Well, you can ask him, what if you're wrong? What if God, Jesus, the Bible, Jews, and Christians are right and he is wrong? I mean, if there is no afterlife, no judgment day, no heaven, no hell, then God is unjust and all the people I just mentioned are liars. It means that God can look at a man while he rapes a woman and slits her throat and never brings him to justice and is just fine with that. If God does not care about eternal justice, he wont even have the privilege of saying "I told you so." But if he is wrong, he will lose his soul and be eternally damned. He is playing Russian roulette with a fully loaded gun."

Kirk is using the old and fallacious argument known as Pascal's Wager.

(8:16 - 8:52)

  • Kirk "if it is true that the Bible says that each one of us is held captive by our sins and the death sentence is awaiting us, and not only that, the judge of the universe see's our sin as so offensive that our sentence will include eternal punishment. If a person does not see that, how can we help them awaken them to see their true condition before God and find a way for escape? Well, there is a wonderful story in the Bible in Acts 12 that us understand the answer."

(8:54 - 9:48)

Scene switch to Kirk in a prison cell.

  • Kirk tells the story in Acts 12 "Peter was arrested by King Herrod and thrown into prison. He was sentenced to be executed the following day. Peter fell asleep, the Bible says he slept soundly in Herrod's prison waiting to die. He was chained between two soldiers, there were more soldiers waiting outside the door, and then the Bible says all the sudden an angel of the Lord appeared and a light shined into the prison. Now there is a very strong inference that it was not the light that woke Peter up, because it then says the angel struck Peter on the side and told him to get up. When Peter rose, the chains fell off his hands, he clothed himself, tied on his shows, put on his outer garment and followed the angel. After he did that, the iron gates that led to the city opened on their own accord and Peter was free."

There is no empirical evidence this happened at all. No historical evidence can verify this.

(9:50 - 11:17)

Shows Ray Comfort walking out of a prison cell.

  • Ray "What a wonderful analogy for the gospel of salvation. The sinner is in the prison of his sins, he is chained to sin and death, but he is asleep. He is not aware of his condition, he does not understand that after death the Judgment, the wrath of God will come upon him, so he is not aware of his salvation. So how can we awake that sinner? How are we going to alarm him? Most Christians think "well, we need to preach the gospel to them." But remember when the angel appeared in the prison? Light shone, but it did not awaken Peter? Think about it, the word "gospel" means "good news." How can good news awaken an alarmist sinner? No, he needs to be smitten, hit with the law, struck on the side. It's the law that awakens. Remember Paul said "I had not known sin, but by the law." The book of Ephesians says "awake, you who sleep. Arise from the dead and Christ shall give you light." So the first must be an awakening before the light of the gospel can do it's work. So when the law brings the knowledge of sin, the sinner understands his terrible plight before God and in comes the gospel light. The gospel of salvation causes his chains falls off, it delivers him from sin and death. Peter ties himself up with his gospel shoes, buts on his garments of truth, buts on the robe of righteousness and follows the Lord. And the gate to the celestial city to Heaven itself opens of its own accord."

(11:18 - 12:05)

  • Ray "Think of your life before you were a Christian. Think of how the chains of sin and death held you, and think of your fate if you died in your sins you would have stood before our holy God without a savior and be eternally damned forever. I am eternally grateful to a young man who on the 20th of April 1972 took the time to share the gospel with me. I was held captive by the power of sin and the power of death. And he explained why I would die because I sinned against God, explained why Jesus died (that he came to set the captors free). I said I am eternally grateful to him and I think of the multitudes out there, unsaved people held captive by the fear and power of death and how we are indebted to seek and save them and bring the gospel to them."

Street Interview[]

(12:20 - 17:36)

Kirk takes two young ladies through the old and dishonest are you a good person? routine. When they think they are still good people, Kirk asks what if a person rapes and murders a child, but later grows and develops a better moral life, but later he is caught and is brought before a judge, the good things he did later would not matter. However, Jesus paid our fines for our sins.

Lesson 2[]

(17:37 - 17:55)

  • Kirk "Even of us have people in our lives who we love and care about. Family members, friends, people we work with, and they are still trapped in the prison of their sin. Many of them don't even realize it. And they are awaiting the day of their death, and after death the judgment."

Only in Kirk's imagination are people trapped in a prison. For all he knows, he is in the Matrix. However, unless he can prove (which he can't) that his beleifs are true, his points and pleads are empty and baseless.

Street Interview 2[]

(17:56 - 20:09)

A person, Loise, interviews a stranger for Way of the Master. They are in Hollywood, outside a bar. Loise asks the man what he thinks the words toxic and intoxicated means. Loise then asks the stranger if Loise told him the affects of poison, would he still drink it. Loise says that alcohol is a poison (intoxicated substance), but it does not bother the man. Loise asks him if he believes in an afterlife. He does, he is a Christian who reads the Bible and knows what God demands, but he admits that he does a few things that God may not favor... [the interview is cut off right there].

Wake Up Call[]

(20:28 - 21:01)

  • Ray "The world is filled with people who expect they will receive a seat in the Kingdom, they really think they are going to Heaven when they die. But because their lives don't match their claims, that means they are actually headed for hell. What a tremendous tragedy that is. So how do we awaken these people? The more important question is how do we awaken the church so that a few Christians actually share their faith. They sit or lie in bed of complicity. If that's you, get up out of the bed, seek and save the lost as you know that you should."

Wrong, you think their lives do not match with a law constructed by your fantasy beliefs and are doomed.

Street interview 3: How can a person have everlasting life?[]

(21:05 - 26:36)

Ray talks with an individual at the 3rd Street Promenade in Santa Monica. Ray and the man talk about how they think a person can have an everlasting life. The person thinks that a fulfilling life and the Commandments are outdated. Ray takes with through the are you a good person? routine. The individual says the Catholics have a system called confession that absolves people of their sins, which he thinks may work. Ray asks if he knows what the Bible says in order to be saved: repent and have faith in Jesus Christ who paid for your fine. He says trust in Jesus as you would trust a parachute. Ray asks if the man thinks what Ray is saying to him is true. The man says yes, and Ray responds "well I would not lie to you." The man asked Ray is he concerned for himself, ray says not anymore because I am saved. ray says God will prove he is real when you repent and feel the presence of the Holy Spirit. They end the interview by making it appear the meeting was set by fate.

"I would not lie to you" Ray just stood there and shamelessly lied through his teeth to that man.


  • Kirk "Remember, Jesus said he came to set the captives free. The Bible says that Jesus has destroyed death and brought life and immortality to light through the gospel. Jesus said "I am he that lives, and was dead. Behold, I live forever more and hold the keys to Hell and death." We have an incredible message to bring them, biblicaly, so they understand and become a true Christian. So please go to our website, get the Way of the Master book, check out the Evidence Bible, check out the School of Biblical Evangelicalism..." and other crap provided by these clowns.

Came to defeat death? Well, he left out saving animals and plants. What is a true Christian? This is another fallacy known as No true Scotsman fallacy.

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