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Terroja Lee Kincaid, better known as his alter ego The Amazing Atheist is a Youtube atheist Volgger who makes videos adressing various topics mostly regarding politics and religion . He's well known for his controversial opinions and beliefs, as well as for several scandals. Terroja started his YouTube career back in 2006 being one of the veteran Youtube atheists, along with Youtubers like CapnOAwesome and BrettKeaneHollywood (Who sadly today is a theist) and has alongside them and many others shaped the array of atheist Vloggers on YouTube.

The Amazing Atheist used to in his earlier days to be more extreme and address topics and responding to others YouTubers in a more offensive and brutal fashion, but is now days more coherent and consistent and mature. He is one of the more hated atheists on the internet and is greatly opposed by Christians and other religious groups, as well as many atheists on YouTube.

The Amazing Atheist is greatly known for several scandals, including telling a rape victim that she deserved it and other controvertible statements about rape, as well as a sex tape which was too disturbing to even say what's in it. The Amazing Atheist has later addressed both these scandals and has apologised for his statements about rape and has made videos addressing his later opinions on the topic, which has given positive feedback to his reputation, even from feminist communities, which have been greatly opposed to him in the past for several reasons, which was a great shock for everyone. (I haven't found positive feedback from feminists, I found negative material, see Scratch the Amazing Atheist off your list too)

He is also known for having several scandals regarding donations for projects, making him lose most of his credibility regarding money. The most well known of them is his kickstarter for creating a website called "Not Productive", that was going to be dedicated to promoting lesser known content creators on the internet. The site's release date was pushed back until he scrapped the entire project and ended up starting a YouTube channel by the same name instead, making the 17.000 dollars raised for the website go in vain. The channel was however a moderate success and his helping content creators on YouTube to increase their size and variety audience, which at least redeemed his credibility slightly, but still doesn't excuse his several other scandals and lies regarding donations and kick starters.

As well as being a YouTube Vlogger, he's also a comedian, gathering a wide range of audience dedicated to his comedy rather than his beliefs, but often heavily depends on his agenda in his jokes. Many of his comedy videos are responses to other YouTubers, politicians, feminists and religious icons where he basically pokes fun at their standpoints and tries to make a fool out of them, which he many times succeeds in doing.

The Amazing Atheist has gathered a large fanatical fanbase, which follows him many times blindly and often is known to attack the people responding to him, or the people he responds to, but has a just as large group of haters who despise him. The most well known people in this group are feminist who despise him for several of his criticisms about feminism and also his scandal about his statements about rape, which are commonly brought up by them.

We always say there are good and bad among atheists as there are good and bad among all different types of people. PZ Myers suggests we should stop viewing him. In any case there are many other entertaining atheists on YouTube who aren't disturbed the way TAA appears to be, but variety is opinions and viewpoints, regarding your ideology and others is always important.

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