AronRa's criticism of religion is normally restricted to the claims conflicting with science. It is asserted that many scientists are themselves religious, and the choice of "evolution or God" is a false dichotomy. Science by its very nature can neither prove nor disprove the existence of God, although it can disprove naturalistic claims made by religions and their texts.

ZopDoz Drama

AronRa posted a video, sharing his introspections on philosophy, symbology, belief, and his personal atheistic label. While he is an atheist, he sought a more descriptive and specific term. For example, an atheist may not believe in God, but an atheist could still follow a secular religion. AronRa was not satisfied with agnosticism, for many of them are atheists and they do not even know it. After going through names to pick: realist, empirical rationalist, freethinker, secularist, and skeptic; the one that seemed to fit as someone who has no faith at all, does not endorse religion, and is antitheistic was infidel. However, that word has negative implications, such as someone who is disloyal, but AronRa claims he was never loyal to any religious belief in the first place.

When people were searching for a symbol to identify atheists or people who discard faith, the result was a scarlet "A". However, AronRa came up with his own symbol for godless infidels, which he still uses and so do a few of his fans. AronRa's design and invention was called the Zopdoz, a word AronRa's son created. The shape was a vertical triangle with an umlaut, which makes it 'metal', and a single point in the center of the triangl