So what is atheism? And why are there atheists?

  1. Basically, atheism means "Not a theist".
  2. Atheists don’t let imaginary supernatural beings control their lives.
  3. As important, atheists don’t let other human beings control their lives. There are far too many people like Fred Phelps around who imagine they know what some supposed supernatural entity wants us all to do. Some religious leaders want to control us in the name of Christianity. Others want to control us in the name of Islam, Judaism, New Age-ism, Paganism, Hinduism, Something-or-other-ism. And all too often it involves making yourself miserable here to please an imaginary supernatural Something-or-other. The different religions can never agree what the supernatural beings even want from us.
  4. Atheists don’t have to become humble to please some religious leader who is never humble.
  5. Atheists generally follow the Scientific method and believe what comes from evidence.
  6. Secular humanists focus on making this life as good as possible for ourselves and other people because it’s the only life we are sure exists and it’s probably the only life that exists, Humanist morality.