Are you an Atheist? Do you want to be in a place where you are not the minority but the majority? Then this is the place for you. This is a place where you can go and write articles that relate with Atheism.

When writing articles please be rational and talk about about evidence (or the lack of it) - but stay away from "Allah is stupid", "Hinduism is dumb" or "I HATE ALL CHRISTIANS", as random insults are do not usually help rational thinking or the scientific method.


Also if you get into a debate you are quite welcome to attack what is said but you should not attack the person. In other words you are quite welcome to say, "That is a ridiculous idea." but not "You are a stupid person."

To put it another way you should respect all people who contribute (however difficult that may be) but opinions about gods, fairies, demons and ghosts and similar ideas are fair game.

Why is this important?[]

There are two reasons for this:

One is the moral humanist idea that all people are worthy of respect as Human beings. But remember it's their status as human beings we are respecting, their ideas (like any ideas) should get whatever respect they deserve as ideas. The ideas might merit zero respect.

The second reason to avoid insults is this. Religious people are usually not that good at defending their ideas with reasoned argument. The vast majority - Hindu, Jewish, Christian - simply believe what they believe because their parents told them what to believe. When they are challenged they don't know a logical way to respond and need to find some other response. If you insult them you give them the perfect excuse to change the argument to your supposed "attitude". Don't give them this opportunity. Simply keep asking them for the evidence for their beliefs. Ask about evidence of miracles.

But don't insult them. Otherwise the conversation will turn around around your use of language instead of around the issues.