Atheism Wiki is a wiki for people who want to find out about atheism.

Main Page[]

You may like to go straight to our Main Page where there is plenty about this wiki.


Atheism Wiki gives the atheist point of view, this website does not aim to be objective. Rather we aim to tell readers what the priests, pastors, monks nuns and others who gave them a religious education overlooked to mention and link to blogs and other websites with more of that kind of information.

We show that atheists are reasonable moral, scientific people. Atheists aren’t the way Christians and other believers like to imagine. This Wiki shows how religion can do harm. Don’t we all know that since 9/11?

As well as explaining about the lack of evidence for religion, and the wide range of evidence for evolution this wiki also deals with how religion often contradicts itself. Atheism Wiki often criticizes Christianity, being the most popular religion in the English speaking world, although Islam, Judaism, Zoroastrianism, and other religions get some coverage.

Different contributors[]

As with all wikis there have been different contributors to Atheism Wiki:-

  1. Some articles are very philosophical and hard to understand,
  2. Other articles are fun and good for users taking time off from gaming wikis.
  3. There are also very many articles in between the two extremes, that are interesting with good information and easy to follow.
  4. We try to cater for youngsters wanting to find out what the pastor and the Sunday School teacher didn't tell you.
  5. We also try to cater for students and graduates from science departments and philosophy departments.
  6. The same articles can't possibly suit everyone so why not look round the wiki and find what's right for you personally.

Readers with limited education[]

Atheism Wiki would welcome more material catering for young teenagers teenagers with religious doubts or adults who grew up in the type of cult that discourage education. In some fundamentalist sects little is encouraged beyond elementary education. Believers learn the Bible and their sect's interpretation of religion but little more. Despite this some people break free of their cult. Atheism Wiki would appreciate simply-written material that people who have been denied education can understand though more complex material is also welcome.

Peer review[]

Atheism wiki is not Peer reviewed and many of the websites we link to are not Peer reviewed either. Secular people and secular groups do not generally have the resources to do the type of scientific investigations that Theology departments and departments of Religious studies at universities get. We try to keep Atheism wiki accurate but serious researchers should look for confirmation for what we write elsewhere.