There’s disagreement about Atheism and social justice in the early 21st century.

How should atheists campaign[]

Atheist campaigning and social justice

We feel people ideally should believe only what the scientific method proves and what Science can demonstrate is real. Believing in God or in anything that's mythological rather than scientific is irrational.

  1. Should those who campaign against unfounded beliefs focus on showing Philosophically that religion isn't reasonable? Should we also focus on issues like church state separation? These are traditional atheist campaigning issues.
  2. Should those who campaign against irrational beliefs focus on Social justice issues? This life is the only one we've got or the only life we're sure we've got. Therefore, should we make this life as good as possible for ourselves and for other people?
Partly the answer ought to depend on the individual
  1. Different atheists have different talents.
  2. Different atheists personally feel comfortable with different issues
  3. Different atheists wants to do different things.

There really is no reason why you can't deal with both philosophy and social justice if you personally care about both and feel comfortable campaigning over both.

Atheists who choose to campaign mainly on philosophy and/or church-state separation

That's your choice and you can be comfortable with your choice. Remember though, those atheists who work for social justice are also helping you promote atheism your way. Atheists who help with social justice are showing the world that atheists have a conscience and care about other people. Too many Hypocritical Christians of the Religious Right and other Fundamentalist Christians imagine or pretend that all atheists are selfish. We know those stereotypes are wrong but the world needs to find out as well.


Richard Dawkins, Sam Harris and other traditional white male atheists are still important but we hear and read less about them than we used to. Greta Christina and others care about Social justice and minority issues. We’re hearing and reading more about atheists like Greta Christina, they’re becoming more important. [1]

How big is the change?

We’re not sure. Those who want the atheist movement to stay mainly white, male and privileged are fighting back hard. The Traditional leaders look confident. [2]


  1. Perhaps they are confident.
  2. Perhaps they aren’t confident. Still they understand politics well enough not to let lack of confidence show.

In five or ten years we'll know better how much has changed.

How should the atheist movement be?

It's unfortunate that the different atheists can't always see the other side is also good.

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