Atheism and the Internet, what's happening? Well Atheism is winning.

Secular online communities[]

At all ages American atheists who feel marginalised in their own communities can connect with other atheists and secularists online. Atheists like Damon Fowler can be very isolated in their Christian communities.

American atheists connect with others from the United States and with atheists from other parts of the world where secularism is acceptable. Atheists worldwide can connect online with others who share their beliefs and this promotes the confident New atheism.

Secular and religious websites[]

  1. The various religions have a massive online presence, well many Christian websites also websites promoting other religions are clearly expensively designed using donations from the enthusiastic faithful.
  2. By contrast secular websites don't impress because they were expensive to produce, this website has to accept advertisements for example.
  3. Secular websites impress because their arguments are reasonable and even the expensive PR firms that Christians employ can’t cover that up.

Indoctrination of children[]

The different religions no longer monopolise indoctrination of children and teens as they used to and this is a factor in the decline of religion.

Most people know frightening small children over witches, or bogeymen and the like is cruel. We shouldn't take advantage of young kids, getting them worked up over silly fairy tales before they are old enough to see it's rubbish. Yet somehow Christians think frightening kids about Hell is virtuous. Atheists: Teach the Children!

Well once youngsters are old enough to access the Internet they can find out that Christianity is as reasonable or unreasonable as other religions they can access online. What's better is when they get to the secular websites they can see here is something more logical than anything they find on religious sites.

At any age people can set about Overcoming Religious Indoctrination.

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