Atheist clergy face harder problems than most. People don’t decide from one moment to the next to change long established beliefs. There’s a long period of doubting and questioning before a person recognises that he/she is an atheist and doubts can't easily be shared with the congregation. Then for atheist clergy who want to live honestly there’s how to find alternative work and pay the bills. So the chances are atheist clergy when they finally come out face accusations of leading double lives.

Still there are other atheist clergy who want to get out and funds are needed to tide them over after they've resigned, help them travel to job interviews and the like.

Pastors of color[]

Pastors who are African American, Latino or belong to other ethnic minorities have even more trouble getting out because white atheists are less inclined to help them. Some people are racially prejudiced and realize that, others are prejudiced without realizing it. Also very many people in the ethnic minority communities are prejudiced against those without religion so minority pastors who stop believing in God get relatively little help from their own communities. See Black Skeptics for more. Atheists should be helping all pastors who stop believing we shouldn't restrict ourselves to those with white skins.

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