"What are morals without religion?"

A Common Question for Atheists[]

Most atheists have been asked at some point in their lives about their own morals without religion. Many religious people buy into prejudice and consider atheists to be ruder, less kind, not do anything for charities, and all around not great people. Not all religious people are biased this way, notably Liberal Christians are generally more reasonable.

Fighting This Stereotype[]

First of all, let's answer the first question. I think the simplest way to answer would be to say that most atheists care deeply about other people's feelings. Having a logical, scientific mind doesn't mean atheists don't feel. They feel pain, sadness, and happiness just like everybody else. They don't want other good people they care about to feel anything painful or sad, so they try not to hurt them in any way. Now, that's a very basic way to look at it, please keep in mind that there are exceptions.

If anything, I'd say atheists are better people, because they don't feel like they need to good things because they'll be tortured forever if they don't.

There are atheists that aren't great people. They don't do anything for charity, are rude to people, etc, etc. But there are also religious people like that. There are also atheists that do just as much for charities as churches. They join organizations rather than do charity work through a religious group.

If you are a religious person reading this- please keep this all in mind. Atheists aren't bad people. You aren't a better person than every atheist. Atheists do good too.

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