Atheists should shut up because .... because Christians don’t always like what we are saying and fear we’ll convert people to our point of view. because many things are happening that are much worse than discrimination that atheists face in the United States. Yes! Very much worse problems exist like ... like ???


Well what about the sun exploding and wiping out the Earth itself?


Christians preach but atheists shouldn't[]

Atheists should shut up because few atheists can match,


the forcefulness of Hobbes, the passion of Spinoza, the wit of Voltaire, the world-shattering profundity of Nietzsche?

Meanwhile Ray Discomfort and other Christian evangelists who show no signs of intellectual brilliance push their Christian message onto you whether you like it or not.

Atheists should shut up because ....


Jonathan Sacks thinks atheism is doing it wrong.

Greta Christina looked into "’Shut up, that's why’ arguments" and decided they are "an unfair and unreasonable form of anti-atheist bigotry". [4] What she writes impressed PZ and he linked to her blog from Pharangula.

What we take up[]

A great many bad things happen in the world, we take up the issues that we care about and where we can be effective. For example kids or adults sometimes get shunned by their local religious fundamentalist community for being openly atheist, this happens quite a bit in the United States Bible Belt. When atheists get shunned other atheists can help by providing an online community so the atheists aren't totally isolated. We can also give financial support when Christian families refuse funding to an atheist kid who wants to go to college.

Most atheists don't face serious discrimination in western countries but when atheists have big problems the rest of us should be ready to help.

Public religion is public[]

Public religion has public effects.

  1. These effects can be relatively minor like Christians expecting others to listen and bow their heads when Prayers are said at school graduations or before games.
  2. These effects can be major like Christians campaigning for laws that make schools teach intelligent design ideas to kids who are too young to see how these ideas are wrong.

Public religion is in no way a private matter, it has public effects and atheists are within our rights to speak out over those effects.

Things won't always be easy[]

In some parts of North America and Europe being open about atheism/agnosticism etc is easy. In other places and for those with intolerant families there can be a big price to pay.


Things won't always be easy and you'll suffer loss. I'd never suggest that you speak out if you feel that you would compromise your well-being, but every little bit helps. Any chance you get, be open about your beliefs.

The above is from Damon Fowler who lost contact with his parents and the community where he grew up due to being openly atheist, see Damon Fowler

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