Should a Bible thumper preach at you in a public restroom? Is that free speech? This amusing and annoying experience happened at least once. [1]


Bible thumpers characteristically use the bible to criticise other people seen as sinful. The victims of their preaching are made to feel guilty and unworthy. Families and friends of people preached at are considered unworthy too. If you’re in any trouble Bible thumpers typically tell you it's all a punishment for sin. [2]

Sadism and humiliation may be very much in evidence but Christian love isn't something you notice in a Bible thumper.

Context of bible quotes[]

The Bible may be quoted accurately in context but this does not always happpen. Bible thumpers may repeat out of context quotes that they were taught without understanding that they have been deceived. Alternatively Bible quotes may be taken deliberately out of context to give the deceitful message an individual Bible thumper wants.

Secure and insecure[]

A bible thumper knows those sections of the Bible which his (rarely her) sect take seriously. Some bible thumpers are dogmatic to hide secret insecurity while other bible thumpers are unable to see why their version of reality doesn't make sense and confident in their Delusions.

There is a good and a a bad side to Christianity, see the category page

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  1. I built the BibleThumper iPhone App to help atheists fight proselytizing nutjobs
  2. Some Christian groups like the Salvation Army will try and help you as well as condemning your sin.

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