Biblical literalism generally means accepting that every single word of the Bible is literally true (apart from clear parables).

  1. Biblical literalists tend not to have impressively high IQ's.
  2. Biblical literalists tend to have some emotional experience that convinces them that the Bible is profound truth, that they can trust their lives to what they see as the literal truth of the Bible.
  3. Alternatively Biblical literalists are terrified that they will go to Hell if they refuse to accept the literal truth of the bible.


Literalism is easily refuted by the existence of errors in the Bible. Among the simplest errors are copyist errors such as the age of Ahaziah when he began to reign (compare 2 Kings 8:26 with 2 Chronicles 22:2). Despite the fact that he could not have been both 22 and 42 when he began to reign, literalists do convoluted mental gymnastics to avoid admitting errors like this exist.

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