Blasphemy, Sabbath, Parents is the title of the ninth episode from season one of Way of the Master.

Episode walkthrough[]


(00:21 - 01:04)

  • Kirk "We are talking about effective ways to reach our family and friends with the gospel. Think of it this way, if I was a doctor and you were a patient with a terrible disease and I wanted to give you a cure, I wouldn't just walk up to you and give you the cure. You would say 'what's this? I don't need this. Get this away from me.' You would not appreciate it. What I would first do is take the time to convince you that you had the disease, and I might do that by showing you 10 clear symptoms on your flesh. Once you are convinced that you have the disease, then I give you the cure. You would appreciate it and appropriate it. And that is what Jesus did. With a hard-heartened sinner, he would show him the Ten Commandments and help him see his need of God's forgiveness before he would offer him the cure of the gospel."

(01:05 - 01:46)

  • Ray "In the last program, we looked at the sin of idolatry - transgression of the second of the Ten Commandments. And after when we think of idolatry, we think of some ancient civilization where they created a god out of gold or silver. But we looked at the fact of contemporary humanity creates a god within their own mind - in the imagination, a god to suit ourselves. My God would never create Hell or my god is not a god of Judgment etc. We found out that that God is nonexistent, there is one God; a god of holiness, a god of righteousness who we have to face on Judgment Day. Today we are looking at the third, the fourth, and the fifth; Thou Shall Not Take The Lord Thy God In Vain, Remember The Sabbath Day To Keep It Holy, and Honor Your Father And Mother."

Next follows the Introduction.

You Shall Not Take The Name Of The Lord Your God In Vain[]

(02:20 - 02:27)

  • Ray "Kirk, what do you think it means to take God's name in vain?"

How about you ask a real professional? Ray may think Kirk is knowledgeable in Christianity, but it must be reminded that neither of them possess a degree of any type in religious studies. Basically, all Ray is doing here is asking for Kirk's own personal interpretation of the Bible to fit his views. We shall explain why Kirk is wrong and the correct view in a moment.

(02:28 - 02:46)

  • Kirk "Well, I think we can ah, use God's name irreverently in many different ways. We can use it as a cuss word, we can use it so carelessly and irreverently, ah that it brings dishonor to God's name. I think we can also transgress the Commandment by using God's name by calling ourselves a Christian and then not living like a Christian."

(02:47 - 03:11)

  • Ray "True. True, you know um, it really doesn't make sense when you think of what blasphemy is. When someone hits their thumb with a hammer, it makes sense that they want to express disgust. They hit their thumb and have incredible pain, they may spit out a thought word that starts with an "s" to express disgust. That kinda makes sense. By why would they place the name of God Almighty or the name of Jesus Christ in with that, equating those two words as the same. It makes no sense."

First of all, God is not his name. His name is Yahweh, or Jealous (Exodus 34).

(03:12 - 03:37)

  • Kirk "I hit my finger with a hammer the other day, and ah I don't remember what I said, but could you imagine if I had yelled the name "Mahatma Gandhi!" or "Martin Luther King!" I mean, that would be horrible, to defame their name and slander them by equating their name with a four letter filthy cuss word. And yet, that is what we do with God's name, who has given us our life, our family, everything that is precious to us. And that is called blaspheme."

okay, lets make this very clear: taking God's name in vain does not mean using his name as a cuss word. It is taking the Lord's name (Yahweh) under a false oath or promises. This means Kirk and Ray's premise is completely off, and thus their entire argument throughout this program is demonstrably false.

(03:38 - 05:09)

Scene switch to Kirk interviewing random people on the street. Kirk asks the first person if she knew and committed blaspheme. Next, Ray interviews another lady, who admits she says OMG but does not think that is bad at all and she says it out of habit. Next, a WOTM member asks a lady if she uses Jesus name as a a curse word, and she say yes. Switch to Ray talking to a guy in the 3rd Street Promenade, Ray asks the guy if he used God's name as a cuss word, to which the guy says "Yeah, I gave him the finger as I'm cussing." Next, Ray interviews another guy with spiky hair, asking him if he had used God's name in vain? He admits he did, the Ray asks why is it that people use God's name instead of Ghandi's or MLK's name - bu the scene switches before we see the guys response. Next, Ray asks a lady if she used God's name in vain, she admits that she has done so many many time, and she gets very angry with God (the scene cuts it there). Next, Kirk interviews another lady - same question - and when she asks for an example, Kirk says "G- dammit" or using Jesus as a cuss word. Kirk says the Bible says he who uses God's name in vain will not take him guiltless.

Someone has not seen Life of Brian. It will tell you all you need to know about blaspheme. It is not saying "God dammit" "oh, my God" or "Jesus fuckin' Christ." Rather, it is simply saying God's name - HIS ACTUAL NAME - out loud.

(05:10 - 05:53)

  • Ray "You know when you sometimes see bikers with all sorts of words written on their shoulders and tattoos, really tough looking bikers with skulls, cross bones, etc. and they have got "Mum" written on their shoulder. Because they love their mum, and no one thinks that is uncool. The biker loves him mum. And one of the greatest insults you can do to him is insult his mother. Call him a S. O. B. - Son of a female dog. That will get him really upset if you insult his mother, you are going to make him really mad. And yet, when we use God's name as a cuss word we are greatly insulting him. And when we cuss the name of the savior, the one who died on the cross for our sins, I mean, God has given him the name above every name and yet humanity hate god without cause as the Bible says."

If a person called Ray Comfort and Kirk Cameron a "S. O. M. - Son of a Monkey" they would be upset. The sad truth for both of them is that IS the truth.

Important Note: S.O.M. is barely an insult at all. It is like calling Ray and Kirk "Son of a Mammal" and no one gets offended because it is an undeniable fact that all humans are mammals. No one takes offense to that in the slightest. But it only comes as the pinnacle of offense to Ray and Kirk (even though it should not) is calling them what they are by definition: hominids. Ray and Kirk have no problem telling others that they will burn for eternity for a petty crime against THEIR God, but they say "how dare you call us apes!!!"

(05:54 - 06:06)

  • Kirk "You think of it, not even Adolf Hitler (who killed 6 million innocent Jews) who we so despise today, that we carelessly use his name as a filth word, and yet we use the name of the savior that way today."

(06:07 - 07:18)

  • Ray "You know, most people would contend that they don't hate God without cause, and when they use God's name as a cuss word, they are not using it as a cuss word it is just "ah, well I don't even know that I am doing it." And that really impediments what it means to take God's name in vain. They so hold his name in contempt, it is no meaningless to them, his name runs off their lips as though it were nothing at all. And yet this is the name of the God, as you said, gave us life. The Creator of the universe. And it really issues out of idolatry, when people have no fear of god, the go and use his name in vain or use his name as a cuss word. And I think one way to bring people to the savior is to remind them as to what they are doing. To say 'so you realize what you are doing?' And the whole of the Commandments says "For the Lord will not hold him guiltless who takes his name in vain." Jesus said "every idol word of man speaks will be given account for on the Day of Judgment" WOTM quotes Matthew 12:36. Back to Ray "Kirk what do you do. You have this scenario, you are in a store, you said hi to a guy, your chatting away and suddenly he uses God's name in vain. Do you just openly rebuke it?"

(07:19 - 08:06)

  • Kirk "No, no that would probably offend him. Ah, being a non-Christian for so many years I understand that he is probably using God's name in vain carelessly, he does not realize he is doing it. So what I do is to just remember it, tuck it away in my memory bank, and then start up a friendly conversation with him. We will talk about normal thinks (like my family, the weather, my job, whatever) and then, lovingly, taking him through the Commandments and asking if he considers himself to be a good person? And when we get to the third Commandment, I can point out to him that I already heard him take the Lord's name in vain and explain to him what he has done. He actually used God's name as a cuss word and that it is a great offense to God to help him see his need of God's forgiveness. Actually, it is a blessing when you are just able to remember that and use it lovingly to help bring the knowledge of sin to someone.

(08:07 - 09:28)

Scene switches to an interview with a man. A WOTM member takes him down the are you a good person? routine, starting off with "Have you ever lied with the intention of deceiving someone?" When talking about adultery, he asks "have you ever looked at a woman as an object rather than a person? Just as an object of your own gratification?" When they guy says he might have done all these things, he points out that he is 40 and lived a good life - never drank, smoked or cursed - and yet the camera has his speech often bleeped over with the subtitle "Blaspheme."

(09:29 - 11:00)

  • Ray "I have a very intelligent, likable, but somewhat blasphemous, foul-mouthed dentist who has a habit o filling my mouth with instruments and then telling me dirty jokes. It almost becomes comical because I put my hands over my ears, and he will physically pull my hand off my ear to tell me the joke. Now I have tried to share my faith with him, but I noticed that when I go through the Ten Commandments with him, he has this pain look on his face - he even walks backwards when I talk to him - so I wrote him a letter. I said "dear so and so" I told him how good he was as a dentist and then said "you know when you get me to open my mouth what you are looking for is decay. You have a sharp instrument in your hands and you probe the decay until you touch one nerve. And that pain tells me that I need to trust you to drill out that decay. Now your motive for doing so is because you care about me teeth, you don't want me to lose my teeth, and you want to make your money as your means of income. Now God wants you to open your heart to him because he sees decay within your soul. He has given in the hands of Christians a very sharp instrument to probe that decay. And when we go through those Commandments it does touch a raw nerve. It is painful to know that you have sinned against God (you are a liar, a thief, and a adulterer at heart) and you have sinned against Heaven. But God's motive is not wanting to make money, he knows you are going to lose more than your teeth unless he does a work within your soul and drill out that decay, you are going to lose your very soul. The Bible says "what shall profit a man if he inherits the whole world but loses his soul?""

Remember the Sabbath Day to keep it Holy[]

(11:08 - 11:11)

  • Ray "Kirk, did you keep the Sabbath holy before you were a Christian?"

More appropriate question: Do you keep the Sabbath day holy AFTER you were a Christian?

(11:12 -11:21)

  • Kirk "Absolutely not, and I couldn't care less. I lived most of my life as an atheist until I was 17 or 18 years old, I never went to church."

Kirk Cameron is obviously lying that he was ever an atheist. How can anyone tell? He cannot correctly explain what an atheist even is. By definition an atheist is someone who lacks a belief in God. How badly does Kirk get that wrong? Kirk defines an atheist you "believes everything came from nothing..." he says more, but that right there is enough. Anyone with the slightest familiarity of atheism knows it is not a belief system, rather it is the lack of a belief system. So to claim atheist believe x,y,z, is demonstrably incorrect.

(11:22 - 11:31)

  • Ray "I was the same, I went for 22 years as a non-christian knowing that Good has given me life and never once did I say 'God, you have given me life, what do you require of me?' I had violated that Commandment."

(11:33 - 12:39)

  • Kirk "The Bible says in Numbers 15 and while the children of Israel were in the wilderness, they found a man that gathered sticks upon the Sabbath Day, and they who found him gathering sticks brought him to Moses and Aron and all the congregation. And they put him in ward because it was not declared what should be done to him. And the lord said unto Moses, 'The man shall surely be put to death. All the congregation shall stone him with stones outside the camp.' And all the congregation brought him outside the camp and stoned him with stones and he died as the Lord commanded Moses. Now many people would say 'wow, that is really harsh. I mean, the man just merely picked up sticks on the Sabbath and we don't know why he did (whether it was an open rebellion against God or whether he was just considering hie own needs and desires before the Commandment of God.)' But whatever the case, we need to make sure that our own heart is right with the Lord and understand the goodness and severity that the Scripture speak of. God is good towards those who obey him, but his Judgment is severe to those who rebel against him and his Commandments."

What a terrible attempt to make a moral argument in favor of God and his Commandments. "God is good towards those who obey him" is essentially the divine command theory - that whatever God demands must be done, which includes killing another person. As the above quoted showed us, God is in favor of killing others. In God's eyes, the man is guilty, but why make murderers out of the rest of the congregation? Imitating or obeying the God of the Bible does not lead to what most people would call decent behaviour. In order to be decent Christians must be selective about how they obey and imitate their God see Christian morality.

(12:40 - 12:51)

  • Kirk "So, when we're sharing our faith, how can we use the fourth Commandment about the Sabbath to help a person see their need for Jesus Christ?"

(12:52 - 13:13)

  • Ray "well, you can, but I prefer to concentrate firstly on the sins that people already recognize: lying, stealing, lusting. And then, once they realize they had sinned against God and violated those Commandments, you can say you also failed to keep the Sabbath day holy also. You see, ignorance of the law is no excuse. It is legitimate to use that Commandment to bring the knowledge of sin."

"Ignorance of the law is no excuse." So does even Ray, keep the law? Is Ray ignorant of what the law even states or commands what not to do on the Sabbath? Does he do the following on the Sabbath...

  • Tie a knot - as one would tie your shoelaces every morning
    • This commandment also forbids brushing one’s hair because a knot in your hair may be undone.
  • Light a fire - do you make eggs over the stove for breakfast?
  • Turn on the lights – does Ray flick the switch even once?
  • Drive - do Ray take a ride on the Sabbath?
  • Rip toilet paper - are we sure Ray rips toilet paper the day beforehand?
  • Touch money - stick his hand in his wallet perhaps? Gather change?

Odds are, both Ray and Kirk definitely do all of these (or at least one). And yet, Ray and Kirk are the ones who are demanding the rest of us to keep all the Commandments when they themselves are unlikely to do the same. They are the ones who say "Ignorance of the law is no excuse" but Ray looks like a hypocrite.

Some may say that these laws are from the Old Testament and/or they no longer matter, then why bother asking people if they have kept the 10 commandments!? If the old laws no longer apply, then why go around asking people "are you a good person?"since the Commandments are from the Old Testament. This reveals Ray and Kirk's entire position is inconsistent.

In other words, "Do as I say, not as I do."

Btw, doing any of the above things on the Sabbath is punishable by death.

(13:14 - 13:30)

  • Kirk "One of the things that we want to do in this program is not just talk about how to do these things [evangelize to others], but to actually show you. So we want to go out on the streets and actually put these teachings into practice and allow you to be a fly on the wall and watch. Let's do it."

Not once do they explain HOW to keep the Sabbath Day Holy. There is no explanation at all. What do you do, what don't you do on the Sabbath? Do either of them have the slightest idea? If so, why not share it? What is the point of telling us about a Commandment and not explain how to properly follow it? Why just leave everyone in the dark? While people are left in the dark they carry on feeling guilty and carry on buying Ray and Kirk’s religious material.

Street Interviews: One to one[]

(13:44 - 22:00)

Here, Ray interviews a couple (both are Jewish). Ray asks them if they kept the law of Moses. The guy (Alex) says that a rabbi told him that there are so many of them, that if you keep just a few of them it is good enough. After that, Ray jumps into the old are you a good person? routine. Upon reaching the lying part, the guy says that to him the law is not absolute, but settles that he is a liar. Onward, Ray finds Alex guilty. Alex points out this whole thing is a black-and-white view point, and insists that religions must not just teach these things, rather it should include sympathy and self-love. Ray asks Alex of his thoughts of a criminal (murderer, theft, and rapist) in court who gets up and says the judge the law must teach other things - the judge would say 'what are you talking about, you are guilty.' Alex points out that Jews don't believe in Hell, but Ray says that the Bible teaches it really clear. Based on Ray's statement that the OT teaches about Hell, Alex says he is hell-bound. However, Alex states that he is going through life his way and is positive that he has pleased God through his journeys. On that note, Ray talks about the first Commandment and then tells them that God has paid their sins by sending Jesus to die for them upon the Cross. Ray says that the OT says that sacrificing a lamb would temporarily wash away sins, but when Jesus offered himself as the sacrificial lamb to atone for our sins once and for all. Disagreement arises between Ray and Alex, Alex is not convinced that he is in a state where he must ask for forgiveness because he believes in a sympathetic God. Ray jumps in and says that Alex just committed idolatry by creating his own version of God (but the scene cuts there to Ray talking to Alex's girlfriend). Ray tells her that the Bible demands for moral perfect, and asks if she is morally perfect (she says of course not and no one is). Ray says God is morally perfect. Ray says morality is not relative; a rapist cannot say I'm good because I have not raped this week. Ray ends the interview telling them that he is like a person warning a child in a boat that there is a waterfall down the stream. ray says he is not asking them to join a church or give him money, that he is only focused on saving their souls.

Ray flat out lied that the Old Testament teaches about Hell. It does not mention Hell at all. In the Hebrew Bible the word Sheol appears at least 67 times. In the Old Testament of The King James Version of the bible when Sheol is not translated as hell it is translated as Grave or Pit and in Isaiah 7:11 Sheol is not translated at all in The King James Version but it is translated in other version of the bible such as The New American Standard Bible and the New Revised Standard Version. In the Septuagint, or The Old Testament in Greek, Sheol is translated as Hades. In The New American Standard Bible and The New Revised Standard Version Sheol is properly translated in The Old Testament as Hades is properly translated in the New Testament.

In The Book of Ecclesiastes (9:9,10) and Job every person, righteous and wicked will end up in Sheol and in Numbers (16:30) even the living can be swallowed by the Earth and to and go down live to Sheol but what is Sheol?

In Jewish Mythology Sheol is the land of the dead, apparently under the earth (Isaiah. 7:11, Isaiah 57:9; Ezekiel. 31:14; Psalms 86:13) from which the pillars of the earth extend on which the world is set (1 Samuel Chapter 2) , a place ruled by God himself (Amos 9:2; Hosea 13:14; Deuteronomy 32: 22; I Samuel 2:6, Proverbs.15: 11), an abode of Silence (Psalms 6:5, Psalms 30: 9 Psalms 94:17, Psalms 115:17, Isaiah 38:9, 24) where God is not praised, a place from where you should not expect to return from (II Samuel 12: 23; Job 7:9, 10; Job 10:21, Psalms 6:5). In Sheol though there is apparently a place of comfort commonly referred to as The Bosom of Abraham (Luke 16:22), the place of the righteous, an idea that predates Christianity (4 Maccabees 13:17). The idea of Sheol seems removed from the idea of the separate places of heaven and hell and more closely resembles the early concept of Hades in Greek Mythology which can be confirmed by comparing verses such as Acts 2:27 or Acts 2:31 to Psalm 16:10.

Honor your father and your mother[]

(22:01 - 22:12)

  • Ray "Now let's look at the fifth; Honor your father and your mother. Kirk, did you break that Commandment?"

(22:13 - 22:31)

  • Kirk "Oh, all the time. Remember, I was the guy who played Mike Sever and it came very naturally to me, because I regularly dishonor my parents. Not really realizing that it was such an offense not only to my parents, but primarily to God because he is the one who has given me my life and my parents who brought me into this world."

(22:32 - 22:55)

  • Ray "You know, In Ephesians 6:1-2 it says it is a Commandment with promise. It says Honor your father and mother that all may be well with you and life may be long upon the earth. And we have a generation who has a massive suicide rate and problems you wouldn't believe. I believe it is because we have violated that Commandment and what we need to do is thunder that Commandments and show people that they are not just dishonoring their parents, they are sinning against God by breaking that Commandment."

No details here explaining exactly how to honor parents. Do we obey them in everything? How long do we obey them? Until we die? There is obvious some merit in the idea expressed by this commandment, but there is precious little guidance here beyond a general principle that parents should be respected. Isn’t this just another variation of the bible’s “respect authority” message? Wouldn’t a moral principle suggest that you should not do anything to hurt your parents, that you should not take advantage of them, and that you should treat them with the basic respect deserved advisors? What if they belong to a kooky or abusive religious cult? What if they are evil? We all know some parents do not deserve to be honored or obeyed. How do you “honor” a father who commits incest? Notice also that the rationale “that thy days may be long” is an appeal to self-interest, not to the value of parents as human beings.

(22:56 - 24:46)

Scene switch to a interview with Ray and a father and son (cut in somewhere in the middle in the conversation). The scene catches the kid saying "yeah right" to obeying his father. Scene switch to Ray interviewing another fellow, taking him down the are you a good person? routine. When Ray finds him guilty, the scene switches to Ray interviewing four ladies. Again, it starts off with Ray taking them down the are you a good person? routine, but it only ends with the lying question with a lady saying that they lie to their parents.

(24:47 - 24:53)

  • Ray "Kirk, I've got a question for you. Let's say that my mother is a prostitute, am I supposed to honor her?"

Why only ask a question about the mother? Is it perhaps that Christianity has a misogynist view and history?

What if your father was a Nazi. Do you honor him?

(24:54 - 25:14)

  • Kirk "Absolutely, I think we need to honor our parents because the Lord has commanded us to honor our parents. Even if we do not always agree with them, we do not have to go along with the things that they do that are not pleasing in the eyes of the Lord, but honor them is across the board. And that simply means, in my mind, to value your parents implicitly that is always pleasing in the eyes of the Lord."

This is a great piece, because it reveals a lot. Basically, Kirk flat out admits they follow the divine command theory when stating they should do something simply because their God tells them to do so. This also implies that Kirk and Ray may not have ever had a clue that they should be nice to their parents unless some supernatural being told them to. What if this same being told them to murder their parents - while many theists say this would never happen, the thing is that history is filled with instances just like this.

Finally, note the part where Kirk says "in my mind..." instead of saying "The Bible says this or that." Basically, this shows here that Kirk is guilty of doing exactly what Ray accused Alex of doing earlier: creating a personal concept of God in his head. What does the Bible say about how to properly honor thy parents? Well, Jesus told you to HATE your parents, and not just your parents but also hate your loved ones and even hate your own life.

(24:15 - 25:26)

  • Ray "We've got to remember that the law reflects what we are in truth, it just shows us what we have done wrong. And most of us can say 'well, I've violated that commandments and I certainly need a savior to save us from the wrath that is to come.'"

None of us have done wrong.

The Ten Commandments are useless and meaningless laws that have no effect in reality. Ray might as well say we are all in trouble for breaking the rules of Fight Club

Questions and Objections[]

(25:46 - 26:43)

  • Ray "In 1977, during the British fireman strike, the army were called in to take over the duties of the fire department. An elderly women called them and told them her cat was stuck up in a tree. Out came the army and rescued the cat. The elderly woman was so thrilled, she invited the men in for tea and cookies. Afterwards, fond farewells were given, off drove the army over the cat and killed it. If you study the lives of some Christians, they came to Christ because of some kind of tragedy in their lives - they had a run-over-the-cat-and-killed-it kind of experience. Cancer came, financial disaster. Well, aren't Christians weak minded people who need a crush to get through life? No, what has happened is that we are so proud, arrogant, and self-righteous that it often takes tragedy to stop us in our tracks to make us look to God. Don;t wait until you have buried a loved one before you look to God. Don't wait until tragedy comes your way. Today, you will hear his voice, do not harden your heart."

Don't wait until tragedy comes your way. Today, you will hear The Great Unga Bunga's voice, do not harden your heart.

Don't wait until tragedy comes your way. Today, you will hear Krishna's voice, do not harden your heart.

Don't wait until tragedy comes your way. Today, you will see evidence for Big Foot, do not harden your heart.

Don't wait until tragedy comes your way. Today, you will hear Allah's voice, do not harden your heart.

Don't wait until tragedy comes your way. Today, you will feel the presence of ghosts, just do not harden your heart.

Do you see the problem? Did you get the message?

(26:44- 27:06)

  • Kirk "We hope you've found this evangelism training lesson helpful. It is so important that we put these principles into practice, not just listen and think about them. Jesus said 'go into the world and preach the gospel to every creature' so if we're going to be true and faithful witnesses, we will not only worship God and praise God, but we will do what jesus did and seek and save the lost."

"not just listen and think about them", there has been no thought put in any of this program. It only reinforces gullibility and discourages actual thought.

(27:07 - 27:39)

  • Ray "What would think of a man who read a book while a child drowned beside him? You would say 'hey man, save that child?' and he said 'it's not my kid and this is a good book.' Someone who can think like that has a heart of stone. Love cannot sit aside while a child drowns. And while it is good to read the Scriptures, you must read the Scriptures, but not if you neglect the lost. You have a tremendous moral responsibility to seek and save that which is lost. Love cannot sit aside while sinner seek to Hell, so lets take and heed the words of Jesus to all the world and lets preach to every creature."


Perhaps the first thing every viewer notices is that the first two Commandments addressed in this program does not have anything to do with morality. Another thing is that noth ray and Kirk do not have the slightest idea what their Commandments actually demand (for instance, cussing is not blaspheme).

Among of the first things that is obviously noticeable is the lack of explanation for the Sabbath Day. Ray and Kirk do not explain which day or night of the week the Sabbath is, what sorts of work is prohibited, or any explanation whatsoever what this has to do with morality. Another important not is that how many Americans and people around the world 9including Christians - esp. the ones who call themselves "true Christians") ignore this commandment completely. Some cultures would even revolt against this Commandments. For instance, when this Commandment was introduced to the Native Americans by the European settlers, they resisted. Why? Because survival and supporting your family and neighbors requires seven days a week of work.

Finally, honoring your parents is just another method of controlling the next generation as the previous generation controlled them. Why should honor be demanded? Rather, it should be earned.

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