Blocking Policy[]

Where the Good Citizen Policies are breached the following blocking policy will apply. Sysops with blocking power are answerable to bureaucrats and to Wikia.

  • Blocking length will be at sysop discretion. In general sysops should block for short periods rather than long periods. "Short" means days or hours. Sysops should aim to develop consistent policies.
  • Sysops are encouraged to use incremental blocks if they feel it is needed.
  • Notwithstanding the above sysops can block for longer periods without prior warning if this is felt necessary.
  • Sysops can reverse each others' blocks. This is discouraged as it can lead to Wheel wars.
  • Sysops should try not block people with whom they are in personal debate.

Blocking Policy - Vandalism[]

  • Vandalism will be reversed and the vandal blocked or warned as necessary.
  • Although infinite bans are not encouraged, they may be used against vandals.

Blocking Policy - Trolling[]

  • Trolls will be blocked at sysop discretion.
  • Although it is not encouraged they may receive infinite bans.
  • Repeated attempts to insert material contrary to the site's ethos will be considered trolling.