Feredir28 Feredir28 18 March 2013

God, Tron and the Wizard of Oz

I have already posted this blog on a separate site, but I think the points and arguments should be shared.

This goes back to May 2012 when I went to City Hall with a friend. There we met a jesus-freak, and it completely changed how I approach theists.

The following are two thoughts I once had after debating an elderly woman last week when she approached my friend and I at City Hall, and after upon learning we were atheists she went on a religious rant. She swore that she had 12 demons exorcised out of her through prayer in jesus. Based on that, she was convinced that god was real.

After letting her speak uninterrupted for nearly 5 minutes, when she said she knew Jesus personally, I just had to step in. She claimed to know jesus personally, a…

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Awobbie Awobbie 18 December 2012

New Evidence

I would like to propose some scientific facts found in the Bible even though it was not believed at the time.

-In Job 26:7 (NIV) it tells us that "He suspends the Earth upon

nothing." (That is just a fragment of the verse). Now at the time,

people would believe that the Earth was held by something, such as

the Giant, Atlas, in Greek Paganism. The Judeo-Christian reference

was actually alone on that.
-In a fragement of Isaiah 40:22 (NIV) it states "He sits enthroned

upon the circle of the Earth." (Some translations state Globe or

Sphere). At the time it was believed to be flat, it being Earth.
-In Job 38:7 (NIV) it says, "while the morning stars sang together..."

Scientists have discovered that stars emit radio waves that can be

observed on Earth.
-In …

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Awobbie Awobbie 11 July 2012


Okay, just so you know, I read Proxima's message and this has nothing to do with it. I feel led to tell you guys that I am leaving and I will work on improving my "Learning the Path" wiki. I realized that arguing with an Athiest is like arguing with a brick wall, or my friend CH. I am leaving on God's means and I believe the only reason I was called to this wiki is some advice on witnessin to an Athiest. If you wish to continue arguing with me I am sorry but I will not allow that kind of vandalism nor will I allow you guys to urge me to fight with the brick wall again. I wish I could help, but it is too much. It is really just annoying me, saddening me, and really messing up how I live with my brothers and sisters. TG, HB, and EW even noti…

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Hopiakuta Hopiakuta 11 September 2011


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