The Bronze Age was the time when humans first succeeded in smelting copper with tin to make a stronger metal called bronze. Bronze was a remarkably clever invention. though Bronze Age people did other clever things as well. Some Bronze Age people even developed reading and writing, some Bronze Age peoples had sophisticated systems of farming, others were herders. Bronze Age people also developed wheels and chariots.

Unfortunately Bronze Age people didn’t understand the whole of science as well as they knew how to make metal, well some Bronze Age people believed that the sun rides through the sky in a chariot [1] and Iron Age people believed that as well. [2]. That wasn’t their faults as they didn’t understand modern astronomy but modern people know all that is silly and as far as this author knows nobody today still believes it.

There was a different group of Bronze Age people who believed all the silly stuff in Creationism. We’re in the 21st Century and Christian fundies still can’t see that’s rubbish.


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