According to Calvinism, election and damnation are based solely upon God's will and nothing else. In fact, election and damnation were decided before the world was even created, which results in complete predestination for all humans. Somehow, though, humans are still responsible to believe in Christianity - not that this appears to do any good. Denying either is heresy, thus it is necessary to believe both, despite the fact that they contradict each other.

Calvinism is the doctrine of John Calvin and is a branch of Protestantism. Calvinism involves the principle that God has predestined who will be damned and who will be saved from eternity and we as individuals can't do anything about that. [1] Somehow or other for reasons mere Human beings can't understand the way God had condemned the reprobate to eternal torture since before the world was created is fair. [2]

How does all this square with a God who is infinitely just, infinitely compassionate, infinitely merciful and worthy of worship? It doesn't.

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