Cherry picking is a logical fallacy where only evidence that supports a conclusion is presented and evidence that goes against that conclusion is overlooked.

Notable examples[]

Cherry-picking is used very frequently by Christians to find a religious justification to their beliefs or actions. To a certain degree, it is inevitable, since the Bible has so many contradictions that it could be used to justify just about anything. Cafeteria Christians are all examples. All types of Christians cherry pick from the Bible and from traditional or modern Christian teachings what suits them. This applies equally to those who follow Liberal Christianity, followers of Christian Fundamentalism and Christians in between the extremes.

Supposed Supernatural Prophecies that appear to come true are given disproportionate attention while Believers tend to ignore failed prophecies. Those who claim other supernatural predictive power also pay disproportionate attention to apparently successful predictions and tend to ignore failed predictions.

Even people trying to follow the Scientific method need to watch out for Confirmation bias which is a form of cherry picking.

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