Christian Logic is a logic based on the Bible, which is the supposed word of God.

Central ideas[]


The central idea behind this logic is that there is an invisible Wizard sitting up high in the sky. (It's not like that one.) This wizard created the whole world including everything in it. All this wizard did was clap his hands twice and this whole Universe 15 billion light years across with 1.5 million species of insects came into existence. Science could offer no alternate explanation of how this universe could have come into existence.


This wizard is omniscient and knows what is happening at this exact moment. If you think something now the chemical actions taking place in your brain is converted to electromagnetic signals. These electromagnetic waves pass through the skull, concrete and what not and finally reach this wizard so that He knows what you are thinking at this exact moment.Ignoring the fact that speed of light is only 3*10^8 m/s In order to show His love for us he impregnated a twelve-year-old girl with what is called the Holy Spirit. Her son proved the heretic materialist Archimedes wrong by walking on water. He also arose from death as a zombie.


And anyone who says they believe in him will have something inside them called the soul magically transported to a place called heaven.

And he also somehow manage to send Hindus, Muslims, pagans, atheists, communists and other heathen scum to a place called hell where they will be tortured for an eternity.

And don't forget that he loves you.

There is a good and a a bad side to Christianity, see the category page

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