Christian evangelism is what many types of Christians do. Sometimes moderate Christians do nothing worse than telling you where they worship and the like. If you agree to go to church with them the Christians are pleased but if you don't feel like church you are under no pressure, that is not a problem.

Problems with evangelism[]

—Keith Parsons [1]

Now, if fundamentalism were only practiced by consenting adults, I might snicker at it in private with friends. But the advocates of such preposterous stuff are very, very aggressive in propagandizing for it f and in trying to get laws passed to impose it on everyone.

The worse evangelists you come across are a minority among Christians but they are a pushy minority so you can't easily avoid them. This article focuses on the types of evangelism that cause problems, those types of Christians feel they have a duty to persuade other people to accept Christianity or to force their views onto other people. One Arizona pastor and his congregation insist on knocking on people's doors with their message when there are 'No Trespassing' signs. Those goodly Christians know they're unwanted and they're even breaking the law. [2]

Mainly the worse evangelists you come across are Christian Fundamentalists. Evangelists may try and talk to you, when you're not interested in religion and would rather be doing something else. Someone you've never seen before may accost you and start telling you about Jesus.

More extreme Christian evangelism promotes the harmful hellfire type of Christianity and sometimes alienates more moderate Christians. [3]

Evangelical methods[]

  1. Christian evangelists too often have an arrogant approach summed up as, “Christianity as my sect teaches it is right and if you don’t agree you must be wrong and a sinner.
  2. Another evangelistic approach is to tell converts they are sinners, however hard they try they can't avoid being sinners so people should crawl and beg for forgiveness to try and avoid hell.
  3. If unsaved people are suffering tell them you are sorry about their pain but it is much more important for them to stop sinning. [4]

Alientation from Christianity[]

Fundamentalist Christian evangelists of the type who preach at strangers typically believe that they are saved. Most other people including luke warm Christians, even most regular church goers are unsaved. The Christian evangelists force their message onto people who would rather not be preached at and this alientates many luke warm Christians and even alienates potential church goers. Further less concerned Atheists become more active and more militant after being forceably preached at, militant atheists stay militant.

Christian evangelists are typically undeterred if they alienate people. Christian evangelists believe that they save small numbers of people they preach at while critics are unsaved before and after alienation, no serious change here.

The small numbers saved are afterwards typically told to evangelise themselves and are likely to donate or tythe to the evangelising group. All this perpetuates the Christian evangelist Memeplex while continuing to alienate less extreme people.

Persistent Christian evangelism[]

See the main article on this topic:Persistent Christian evangelism

There is another type of Christian evangelism where someone you have to meet regularly keeps forcing a Christian message onto you. That can be much harder to deal with since you can’t just walk away.

There is a good and a a bad side to Christianity, see the category page

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