Conservapedia is a glorified blog by Andy Schlafly that masquerades as a Trusworthy "Trustworthy Encyclopedia". Being created as a response to Wikipedia's claimed "liberal bias", the website tries to tell the world the Christian Conservative version of our reality. Currently it serves as both a blog from which Andy Schlafly and the other sysops broadcast their beliefs, and a service on which Andy's homeschool course homework and tests are given -- thus embarrassing not only the editors of their wiki, but also the students homeschooled by Andy.

Conservapedian view of the world[]

According to an LA Times' interview with Andrew Schlafly, Conservapedia was created after one of his homeschool students used BCE instead of BC in an assignment[1] -- and this already tells a lot about what Conservapedia is supposed to be.

In their way to get rid of liberal bias, the editors on Conservapedia seem to have also gotten rid of objective truth and common sense, as, the website heavily supports Young Earth Creationism, Intelligent Design as well as other pseudo-scientific theories.

Sometimes the Conservapedian view of reality makes even less sense, as may be seen, for example, in the articles on the Theory of relativity[2] and the E=mc²[3] formula, the former inexplicably related to moral relativism.

The things become even weirder when the Bible is mentioned. For example, their article on action at a distance<ref="ActDist">Action at a distance on Conservapedia</ref> mentions two of Jesus's miracles as "instant", claiming this runs contrary to the theory of relativity.

Even conservative commenters have been disgusted by Conservapedia's inherent far-right bias [4]

This has led to many believing that Conservapedia is, in fact, only a parody, but, given its history and who its owner is, this is very unlikely.

Surprisingly enough, Wikipedia would be, if anything, biased towards libertarianism, not liberalism -- as its owner, Jimmy Wales, is a self-identified libertarian and Objectivist. Of course Libertarianism strongly approves of allowing many behaviours, especially sexual behaviours that the Old Testament and/or the New Testament and the Religious Right would like banned.

One very well-known project on Conservapedia is, of course, the Conservative Bible Project -- an attempt to, unsurprisingly, get the "liberal distortion" out of the Holy Bible.

Conservapedia has also made a list of the "worst college majors" - a list that includes psychology, environmental science, English literature, wildlife management, creative writing, film, philosophy, journalism, architecture, and is topped by women's studies (which, for some reason, is number one while puppetry is at number six).

Its most heavily-viewed pages are about such topics as homosexuality, Wikipedia, and Adolf Hitler

Educational value of Conservapedia[]

Mark Twain

First get your facts; then you can distort them at your leisure

Blocking Policy[]

On Conservapedia, you can be blocked for...

...using the wrong sort of English (i.e. using words that you learned after preschool or using anything other than American English)
...questioning the opinions of the admins. (Don't expect to receive answers to these questions, anyway.)
...registering under a username that an admin disagrees with. That used to mean anything that doesn't praise Ronald Reagan, George W. Bush, God or Jesus. Now that means anything except a Christian name and the first letter of a second name -- even though a lot of active users have names that don't fit this rule, such as Andy Schlafly, “ASchlafly", "Conservative" or "TK". (What to do when a user with the same first name and last initial has already registered isn't mentioned.)
...trying to discuss ways to improve Conservapedia
...not believing in God
...having a friend who is not Christian
...admitting to using birth control or condoms
...revealing that Fox News isn't as "Fair and Balanced" -- even though some editors actually believe Fox News is liberally biased(!).
...understanding that the American government was wrong about Iraq; Conservapedia pretends you're lying
...realizing that Christianity, a religion that says you should not kill, has caused millions of people to die over the last thousand years (Crusades, inquisitions, lynchings, etc.)
...making a typo in your edit
...mentioning FBI anywhere (see here)
...having the wrong ISP, many important Internet Service Providers are range blocked.

Note: If you question Andy, he will brand you as a liberal. Perfectly sane people understand that questioning is at the heart of democracy, but Andy prefers obedience from all.

What to do if they block you[]

  • Join Liberapedia
  • Join RationalWiki
  • Join Wikipedia
  • Join Atheism Wiki
  • Write about what's wrong with Conservapedia at the four above Wikis. (For Wikipedia, it would be a better option to express yourself on the userpage.) None of these wikis can block you for what you write away from Conservapedia's largely defensive weapon of banhammer. They can't revert it either. Cool, ain't it?.

After having joined the four aforementioned wikis, follow the steps below that we have so kindly laid out for you. These will most certainly work, provided your Internet Service Provider gives you a dynamic IP Address, and said address has not yet been taken down by the infamous Karajerk Karajou:

Conservapedia says:[]

All of these need citations!

  1. All kangaroos are descended from a single pair who were on Noah's Ark[5].
  2. Einstein's General Relativity "has nothing to do with physics"[6].
  3. Only followers of Christianity are capable of religious faith[7].
  4. Atheists are incapable of being moral[8].
  5. Some of the most violent homicides seen by pathologists are among male homosexuals[9].
  6. There were dinosaurs on Noah’s Ark[10].
  7. The Earth is the center of the universe (not exactly)[11]
  8. Belief in the Theory of Relativity leads to a belief in moral relativity (a bad thing)[12].
  9. Dinosaurs are "often believed" to be extinct[13].
  10. "God exercises eternal and righteous judgment of the wicked in hell."
  11. Homosexuality can cause bad smoking habits[14].
  12. No one believes that the Christian God has ever killed anyone.
  13. Conservapedia's commandments explicitly forbid using BCE and CE, preferring BC and AD instead.
  14. Earth must be young since it land is sinking into the sea at a relatively fast rate, using a Global Warming article as source (sea level rise).[15]


Inserting irrefutable facts as the facts that they are is considered "vandalism/liberal censorship" at Conservapedia. In fact, most of Conservapedia's vandalism is actually people removing blatant falsehoods and misrepresented facts.


There are a myriad of examples of censorship on Conservapedia; please note that CP is, after all, one of the most ban-happy wikis in the history of wikis.

Mention of RationalWiki a certain rather liberal website starting with R is strictly forbidden; this will cause Karajou to see red and grab his largely defensive weapon of perma-banhammer.

Outside America[]

Note: When it's bed time in America (silent "A"), Conservapedia disallows edits, claiming that "The action you have requested is limited to users in one of the groups: Administrators, edit". If you're outside the United States, you don't count as far as Assfly Andrew Schlafly is concerned, and you must wait until someone has woken up over there and allowed edits again.

Don't Go To Conservapedia Any More.

Except for four things:

  1. Comedic relief. But even then, on any given page there is a 30% chance of headdesk due to one's loss of faith in humanity.
  2. Edit some obscure articles and indirectly indicate that the Earth is older than twice the bristle cone pine tree's lifespan. NEVER question God's existence, even though we know there is no God (at least in the way as conservatives see it). You will be forming "islands of safety"- to put it simply, places where Conservapedia is true and accurate. However, even then it's worth noting that this scientific truth will rarely last more than a minute.[16]


Conservapedia is riddled with so much blatant hypocrisy, that it's just sad. Click here to view the ever growing Liberapedia article on the topic.


Andrew Schlafly went to university with Obama and outsiders can only guess at what resentments have been festering for decades over that. See Barack Obama compared to Andrew Schlafly. Conservapedia was created around the time that people were beginning to notice that Obama might be running for President in the 2008 election.

Disdain for the letter "U"[]

In England, words such as "color" and "humor" are spelt with extra u's; "colour" and "humour." While Liberapedia accepts this, as several editors there are British, "English-English" spellings on Conservapedia are classed as anti-American. This also applies to spellings using the letter s rather than z, as in "organisation" rather than "organization." It is believed this stems from the editors' beliefs that the letters "U" and "S" should not be used excessively without the letter "A", thus completing the abbreviation: USA.


Sometimes NeoconPedia isn't so obvious with its rants. The Article on Jew has a section called "Life Cycle", as if they are talking about a species of animal. Going around calling Jews animals may be biologically true since all human beings are animals, but it appears derogatory and racist.


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