The fear of burning in hell for eternity combined with the guilt of being the direct cause of the suffering (the torture and crucifixion of Christ) is what keeps Christianity propagating like a virus, eating away at the healthy flesh of humanity as it has been doing for thousands of years. [1]

The Crucifixion was when Jesus supposedly died for our sins. Let's explain:-

  1. God made us imperfect so none of us can avoid sinning, we all sin all the time and we need to feel guilty about our sins all the time.
  2. Jesus loved us so much that he was prepared to die for our sins. Yes Jesus was innocent but he died for our sins. And Jesus stayed dead for three whole days Jesus stayed dead for the evening of Good Friday, the whole of Easter Saturday and a bit of the morning of Easter Sunday. After that Christians imagine Jesus rose from the dead.
  3. Wait a moment! If Jesus is God and if God made us imperfect doesn't that mean Jesus was responsible for our sins?
  4. Well anyway Good Friday is one day of the year when Christians worldwide feel extra specially guilty about the sins which happened due to the imperfect nature that God gave us. the sins which we alone committed and which caused the agonised death and three day one and a half day dead time that Jesus did because of the imperfect nature that he himself gave us that Jesus did for us.

How does the execution of some guy lead to our salvation, and what cosmic purpose did his agony have? It doesn’t, and none. Case closed. Bye. PZ Myers [2]

Was Jesus really crucified?[]

One common argument from Christian apologists is that crucifixion was a shameful death and Christians would not have made that up. That presupposes that only Christians were involved in retelling the New Testament stories before they were written down or in rewriting those stories later. Opponents of Christianity might have made up a story about Jesus dying a shameful death in an effort to discredit Christianity.

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