The Crusades were a series of wars that were either started by, or sanctioned by, the Catholic church, and served a variety of purposes. The most well-known crusades were the crusades to recapture Israel from its Muslim occupiers, who had taken the land from the Christian Byzantines. Other crusades were to wage war upon pagans who had done nothing to harm the Roman Catholics, and upon Gnostic-influenced Christian sects, who had also not harmed their attackers. Those latter types of crusades served the purpose of asserting catholic Christian dominance and large numbers of lives were lost while asserting this.

Thousands of people died in these battles. Also, non-Christian civilians were massacred on many occasions.[1] The crusades succeeded in establishing Christian territory in and around Israel, which was held for a few hundred years before being re-conquered by the Muslims.


The Crusades were a series of wars started over who had the better God (imaginary friend).

Christians and Muslims alike like to say that their religion is entirely peaceful, and starts no Wars. The Crusades are strong evidence to the contrary, and were among the most bloody wars of the era. {Atheists aren't inherently pacifist or inherently warlike, differernt atheists have different opinions. The Crucades were undobbtedly very bloody wars.)

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