Daniel Dennett is a prominent Atheist and a cognitive scientist who has worked to develop a theory of consciousness based on Metaphysical naturalism. Dennett believes that computers may in the future develop consciousness because in his opinion Human beings are conscious and human consciousness is based on the physical substance of the brain in the same way that a robot is a physical entity. [1]

Decline of religion[]

Dennett expects that dogmatic religions will not survive the onslaught of information from the Internet and that these dogmatic beliefs will morph into something totally different or go extinct. Dogmatic Christians and dogmatic believers in other religions can't stop children getting information through the Internet, cellphones, portable televisions etc that shows how unreasonable their dogmatic religion is. Therefore young people will more and more move away from the sillier dogmatic religions. Dennett expects religion to change more during the next 10 years than religion changed during the last 100 years. And in 25 years religion will have lost its charisma for most people. [2] [3] [4]

Views, beliefs and a little confusion[]

This is a joke section originally at RationalWiki.
Dennett is a prominent atheist and a Bright and looks a lot like Father Christmas, or maybe Cap'n Birds Eye (not the "up-to-date" younger version who looked a bit like he hung around outside schools at getting-out time or swimming pools during the junior session, but the other one, who looked a lot like Daniel Dennett [5]). Actually, he (Dennett, not Cap'n Bird's Eye) also looks a bit like The Amazing Randi, who is also a Bright. This suggests a pattern that connects beardiness and atheism (seriously, TheAmazingAtheist, Thunderf00t and AronRa all have unkempt chin-fluff, although the religious beliefs of Captain Birdseye are undisclosed) making Richard Dawkins kind of an exception.

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