Most religions maintain a belief in powerful supernatural beings with individual identities and recognizable attributes. These beings are usually thought of as gods or goddesses. Another term for them is deities. Like spirits, they have individual identities and recognizable attributes. However, gods and goddesses are more powerful than spirits and other lesser supernatural beings--they can effectively alter all of nature and human fortunes. As a result, they are commonly worshipped and requests are made of them to help in times of need. (...) When there are many gods in a religion, they are typically ranked relative to each other in terms of their powers and their interests. The supreme god is often an otiose deity. That is, he or she established the order of the universe at the beginning of time and is now remote from earthly concerns ("otiose" is Greek for "at rest). As a result, otiose deities may be almost ignored in favor of lesser gods who take an interest in the everyday affairs of humans now.

A Deity is a personal being with Supernatural power, a god or goddess. Typically a deity is seen as more powerful than Fairies, elves, goblins etc. A deity can be one of a Polytheistic pantheon or a single Monotheistic God.

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