The Discovery Institute is a religious "think tank" which is famous for its desire to get intelligent design taught in American schools. Many of its goals are set out in the Wedge Document.

It is also well known for its attempts to persuade schools that they should "Teach the Controversy." In fact no scientific controversy over evolution exists and this is simply another part of the Wedge Strategy.

They have recently produced Explore evolution to further their strategy.

The Discovery Institute also coined the term "Evolutionist", in an attempt to undermine the scientific aspect of evolution, and equate it to a religion.

In Their Own Words[]

The Discovery Institute describes itself as follows:

"The point of view Discovery brings to its work includes a belief in God-given reason and the permanency of human nature; the principles of representative democracy and public service expounded by the American Founders; free market economics domestically and internationally; the social requirement to balance personal liberty with responsibility; the spirit of voluntarism crucial to civil society; the continuing validity of American international leadership; and the potential of science and technology to promote an improved future for individuals, families and communities."

However the vast majority of the material on their homepage seems to be associated with Intelligent Design and evolution. Furthermore, in their defense of the wedge document they are happy to support the statements:

Discovery Institute's Center ... seeks nothing less than the overthrow of materalism and its cultural legacies.
Discovery Institute's Center ... wants to reverse the stifling dominance of the materialistic worldview, and to replace it with a science consistent with Christian and theistic convictions.

Dr. Evil's take[]


Senior Fellows at the Discovery Institute[]

  • Michael Behe
  • David Berlinski
  • Paul Chien
  • William Dembski
  • David DeWolf
  • Guillermo Gonzalez
  • Michael Newton Keas
  • Jay W Richards
  • Wesley J Smith
  • Jonathan Wells
  • Benjamin Wiker
  • Jonathan Witt
  • The Illustrious Ken DeMeyer (not really, but they oughta contact him)

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