EvoWiki was a secular Wiki which sought to put forward the Theory of Evolution and refuted creationist claims. It has a large database of logical fallacies and connects them with creationist claims;. It is currently a project of the RationalWiki foundation and only a few users can edit it.

If you argue for the Theory of Evolution then this is a website you may like to check out.

Scientology advertisements appear or have appeared on this page. We don't know why Wikia accepts money from that questionable organisation.

Here’s a science fiction story about an alien called Xenu, I didn’t write it, someone called L. Ron Hubbard wrote it. Why is it important? All too often advertisements paid for by Scientology turn up on the Internet and some are obviously Scientology but others talk about Dianetics or just promise you ethical happiness etc without making the source clear. Well Scientology doesn’t look very ethical and many reasonable people say they’re more likely to empty your bank balance and make you less happy and less healthy than before. So if you find advertisements pretending saying they’ll improve your life and it all looks too good to be true keep away.