Fairies, elves, goblins etc are the type of thing superstitious people believe.

More about these beliefs

Fairies are conjectured beings with supernatural power. Fairies tend to be seen as small sexually attractive pre-pubescent or pubescent children, (usually girls) with wings and drawings can have paedophile undertones. Elves, goblins, dwarves etc can be be seen as children or adults (usually boys and men). In Europe belief in fairies is related to pre-Christian Pagan beliefs. They are sometimes called the “Little people” the “Little folk” etc. Dryads are from Greek mythology while nymphs can be Greek or Germanic.

Religion and superstition compared

It’s easy to laugh at the way people imagine fairies, elves, goblins. Ideas about God and belief in the Bible make about as much sense or as little sense as belief in fairies.

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