Freethought Blogs is the current primary home of Pharyngula. PZ Myers and Ed Brayton set it up when it became clear that untrammelled Pharyngula-style blogging and commenting was unlikely to go well with National Geographic's content policies on ScienceBlogs. It was launched August 1, 2011.


According to Alexa (for what that is worth) Freethought Blogs dropped significantly in popularity during 2015 stabilizing in early 2016. A low ranking is more popular while a high ranking is less popular.

Freethought Bloggs popularity in English speaking countries as of March 2016 was:

  1. United States 11,666
  2. Canada 13,382
  3. Australia 13,392
  4. United Kingdom 19,140
  5. India 101,147[1]

Losing many prominent bloggers to The Orbit and gaining new bloggers could change that popularity unpredictably.

How to blog[]


We’ve got a fairly thorough review procedure in place right now, and we don’t add bloggers who aren’t fierce, intelligent, outspoken advocates for their ideas…and we also don’t let dumbasses in.

The procedure has been simplified. Potential bloggers should send an e-mail with as sample of their writing or a link to what they have written to show what they can do. Diversity is valued. Bloggers need to be godless social justice warriors. Bloggers get a little money and a great deal of attention.[3] Interested readers can click below:

There were unexpectedly many applicants and processing will take time. New blogs were announced in mid March 2016.[4]

There are a wide range of different bloggers with different writing styles and different interests. One drawback: Freethought bloggers do not seem to disagree with PZ Myers or with each other very much.


Many of the more prominent Freethought bloggers are moving to a new site, The Orbit and as stated above new bloggers have been chosen which keeps up the numbers. PZ Myers denies this was done to replace those leaving, rather Myers claims a system was developed that will get new bloggers into Freethought Blogs regularly and improve the website. [5] Myers and some prominent bloggers are staying. Bloggers/blogs hosted at FreethoughtBlogs as of March 2016 include:


Adapted from Pharyngula Wiki

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