"And God is not dog spelled backwards because I own a cat." (Tongue in the cheek quote) [1]

Godisnotdog is what people use to state that God is not a dog, as God backwards IS Dog. It's also used among the many other chat speak, such as LOL, LMAO, XD, :D, and LOLROFLLMAOWTFBBQ.

If the devil exists there can't be a good God[]

Below is a long quote from the author of the Godisnotdog quote above..

  1. God created Satan, who rebelled against God and was cast down to hell where he now rules.
  2. The Devil is the cause of suffering in the world.
  3. Since God created the Devil then God is responsible for the suffering in the world which means God is not all good.
  4. (A believer might say that it’s not Gods fault that Satan chose to rebel against God.)
  5. But if God did not know that Satan would rebel before God created him then God is not all knowing.
  6. So God knew when he created the Devil, that Satan would eventually rebel and yet God chose to create Satan anyway.
  7. Therefore God can still be considered the cause of suffering in the world.
  8. (A believer might counter by saying God had to create evil because without evil, we humans would not be capable of perceiving good. There cannot be good in the world without evil, they would say.)
  9. But God is all powerful, which means he can do anything
  10. This means he can create a world where good exists (and is perceived as such) without the necessity of evil.
  11. (The believer would say “that’s impossible.”)
  12. But nothing is impossible for God, if he can’t make a world that is all good without evil then God is not all powerful.
  13. If you believe the Devil exists you must believe God is ether not all good, not all knowing or not all powerful.
  14. If you believe in the Devil you do not believe in God. QED In your face Pat Robertson. [1]

A serious philosophical point made by the author quoted above.

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