From clockwise starting from the tip: Monkey, Soy Milk and Milk Jug.

The Religion of the Nutrients is a new polytheistic religion or monotheist religion that has been revealed to the "faithful" here at Atheism Wiki. So far we have the Beefmonkey, the Jug of Milk and the Carton of Soy Milk.

Other gods and goddesses surely exist in this pantheon and will be revealed later to the "faithful". Evil heretics will surely maintian that other gods and goddesses exist but the Holy Trinity of the Monkey, the Milk and the Soy Milk are the One and Only true God. They're Three as well but Christians don't have a problem with that and neither do we.

The Flying Spaghetti Monster is edible and is therefore part of the marvelous pantheon though evil and foolish heretics maintain that the Monster of the pasta actually created the universe. Are unhealthy foods like cakes and sweets gods, goddesses or devils?

We believe the Religion of the Nutrients should be taught in all schools alongside creationism as it makes as much or as little sense as the Flying Spaghetti Monster or Creationism or other types of Christianity.