The Genesis creation stories detail the Jewish and Christian view on how the Universe began. A careful reading of the Book of Genesis in the Bible reveals that there is not one, but two creation stories.

The first one runs from Genesis 1:1 to Genesis 2:3.

The second one runs from Genesis 2:4 to Genesis 3:24.

Feature Creation Story #1 Creation Story #2
God's name God (elohim) The Lord God (yhwh elohim)
God's mood Happy Pissed off at the end
Scope Cosmic Localized
Creation method Commanding, separating Physically forming
Creation organization Systematic Improvised
The two sexes of humanity Together, at the same time One sex, then the other
JEDP identification P (priestly) J (Yahwist)

Creation story #1:[]

Environments Inhabitants
Day 1 Day 4
Day Sun
Night Moon, stars
Far Terrestrial
Day 2 Day 5
Sea Aquatic animals
Sky Flying animals
Near Terrestrial
Day 3 Day 6
Land Land animals, humanity
Plants "You may eat these"

Day 7: God was so happy about what he had done that he decided to take the first day off in the history of the Universe, which thus became the first Sabbath.

Creation story #2:[]

  • God creates Adam
  • Adam is lonely
  • God creates animals for him
  • Adam names them, but he is still lonely
  • God creates Eve for him
  • Adam is less lonely now
  • A certain mischievous snake convinces Adam and Eve to eat the very enlightening fruit of a certain tree
  • God gets pissed at all three of them

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