Hemant Mehta is also known as The Friendly Atheist. Mehta is a prominent Atheist, Hemant Mehta is intelligent and influential running a very popular blog. Hemant Mehta is a qualified mathematician and maths teacher but he gave that up to focus on "writing/creating content online". Mehta has also written traditional paper based books. Hemant Mehta promotes Atheism in popular and reasonable ways and gives a positive message where he can. He is also involved with Secular organisations and speaks at atheist events. Mehta believes Science ie the Scientific method gets to the truth rather than Religion.

Being 'the Friendly Atheist' is something Hemant Mehta takes seriously. he does what he can to keep out of divisions within the atheist movement, also tries to reconcile divisions as far as he can.

Hemant Mehta has also raised money for charitable causes. [1] [2]


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