Infidel or Unbeliever is what they call you if you don't believe in their God, whichever one that is. People look down on those they think are infidels. Conservative believers tend to look down on anyone who doesn't conform to their stereotype of being a "true believer". Liberal Christians, Liberal Muslims and other liberal believers are better than that.

People with a different faith[]

  1. Many Christians look down on Muslims and call them infidels.
  2. Many Muslims look down on Christians and call them infidels.
  3. Many Christians and Muslims look down on Jews, Hindus Buddhists, Pagans, anyone of a different Faith and call them infidels.

People without faith[]

Narrow minded Christians and narrow minded people of other religions call Atheists, Agnostics Freethinkers anyone without Religion infidels.

If they call you an infidel remember you have no reason to feel bad about yourself.

  1. Everyone is an infidel to some others with a different Faith.
  2. If you accept only Science and what the Scientific method can prove that makes you more sensible than those who believe irrational Mythology of whatever kind.