The Iron Age came after the Bronze Age. There was a period of a few centuries when bronze and iron were both used while iron smelting techniques gradually spread. Meanwhile Iron Age Jews believed the parts of the Old Testament that their Bronze Age ancestors had written and wrote further sections of it. There may have been a time when the Israelites had no technology to overcome iron chariots and couldn’t inflict the usual Old Testament Genocide on enemies with iron chariots. see Judges 1 19 and also Iron Chariots this one’s funny. Serious archaeologists are looking for iron chariots in Israel [1] but if these chariots were real they could have been wooden chariots reinforced with iron.

Chariots were very powerful compared to other war machines of the time, therefore Bronze Age people as well as Iron Age people thought chariots were worthy of the gods and goddesses. Some Iron Age people also believed that the sun rides through the sky in a chariot, indeed people carried on believing that right into historic times. The Ancient Greeks believed one of their sun gods, Helios rode through the sky in a chariot. The Nordic people believed that wolves Manegarm and Skoll chased the chariot carrying the sun through the sky and would eventually catch and eat her. At about the same time Odin would fall victim to a different wolf who would swallow him.

Mythology didn’t become any more sensible while new metal smelting techniques were developing and spreading. And in the 21st Century Christian fundamentalists still believe stuff that's just as silly, like Noah's flood. Some religions haven't improved at all since the Bronze Age and the Iron Age.