Caught in a Lie is the title of the third episode from season 3 of Way of the Master featuring Ray Comfort and Kirk Cameron.

Episode walkthrough[]


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Opens with the are you a good person? opening.

(00:19 - 02:17) The scene takes place at a beach side house. Cut to a man in a bath robe walking down the stairs into the kitchen to make breakfast. Ray stands there in the kitchen, ignored by the man like Ray is not there. Ray is talking to the camera man, he says the man is Joe Average. Joe walks out to the padio, where Kirk (again ignored by Joe) is in the yard talking to the camera.

Kirk says the man breathes the air, drinks his milk, looks at his rose garden, listens to the birds cherp, and smiles when he notices rain is on the way so he wont have to water his garden. Kirk says, "Joe is a typical man. He doesn't think about the creation that surrounds him, or the creator that made him. Even though God had given him life itself, if you asked Joe what God had ever done for him, he probably couldn't think of one thing. Its just another average day for Joe Average."

Right off that bat, this entire program is based on the presupposition that we live in a creation. Ray Comfort and Kirk Cameron give no evidence or reason to accept the claim that the universe is a 'creation.'

Ray joins in with Kirk in the yard and says, "Not quite. There's nothing average about Joe or what he has done this morning. He is actually a miracle machine that no man-made mechanism can ever begin to imitate." They walk away and cut scene.

Don't make such a statement. Technology could perhaps one day fulfill that claim.

(02:18 - 04:01) Cut to a recording of Ray talking to a random person on the street on the 3rd Street Promenade, Santa Monica. The man is David, and Ray asks David "what has God done for you?" David replies, "ugh, I don't know. Probably nothing if God does not exist right?" Ray says "so you don't think God has done anything for you?" David shakes his head. Cut to a scene of Kirk interviewing two people on the Hollywood Bowl by the Kodak Theater. Kirk asks the same question, and they cannot think of anything. Next, same place, Kirk asks a guy the same thing, and he replies "Yes, because I pray before a Final and I always pass it. I dunno." Several scenes go on, with different results. One time Ray interviews a guy in Huntington Beach, who says God had not done anything for him. When Ray replies that God gave him life, a brain, and eyes, the guy replies with "if you believe that."

David and that last guy is probably the best well spoken of the bunch presented. David points out the problem that the existence of God has not been established yet (which this program ignores and continues on pretending that it has). The last guy points out the crucial point in the claim that God created everything and gave us life and body: it is completely based on belief. There is no concrete evidence that "God" is the creator (if there was one), nor is their proof that God created anything. It is all a matter of belief (not knowledge), and beliefs do not mean they are facts. For instance, David could believe he is the son of King Arthur, but that does not prove anything because it is not evidentially true.

(04:02 - 05:22) Kirk says "In 2007, Japanese scientists created an amazing robot. It was so amazing because it looked so much like a human and could move like a human. There were a few obvious differences from homo sapiens though, like it wasn't alive (obviously) and it couldn't think, see, hear, touch, taste, or smell. Despite this, it was a marvel of human technology. It was the very best that science could do at that moment in history."

What is taste, smell, hearing and such? When you boil it all down, it is merely just electric charges between the synapses in your brain. You ears pick up noise, which consist of vibrations, and your brain interprets those vibrations to identify where the source is coming from. Machines and programs can fulfill these types of responses. Science continues to experiment with artificial intelligence to be able to learn and think like a human.

Ray says "a few other things that the robot could not do: it couldn't run or even walk as humans do because the scientists found that human feet is far too complex and designed to imitate." A narrator voice and a virtual visual of the human foot appears on screen. The voice shows several key elements in the human foot. "The human ankel serves as foundation, shock absorber, and proportional engine. The foot can sustain enormous pressure, several tons over the course of a one mile run, and provides flexibility and resilience. The foot and the ankel contain 26 bones, 33 joints, more than 100 muscles, tendons, and ligaments. And a network of blood vessels, serves, skin and soft tissue. These components work together to provide the body with support, balance and mobility.

The foot is not "created" or "designed." Humans have primate feet, which we inherited from our ancestors. The human foot is one of the millions of biological products of evolution.

(05:23 - 09:05) Cut scene to Joe Average walking barefoot through his yard and composing several stretch positions.  Ray says "Joe had no problem stanging upright and walking, because his extraordinary feet were designed and created by God."

There is no proof whatsoever that Joe's feet were "created." Assuming for the moment that his feet were created, there is no argument Ray Comfort or Kirk Cameron can provide to counter the claim that Joe's feet were created by some other god or entity. Ray and Kirk are only using special pleading to argue that the "creator" is their narrow-minded version of a god.

Kirk says "Nor was the milk and toast that he made wasn't ordinary either. it came from bread, that the bread came from wheat, which came from the soil. God created the soil and the soil contained nutrients that fed the wheat seed, and that formed itself into the wheat plant that then produced more wheat seeds. Whent he seeds were harvested, they were grounded into flour, mixed with yeast and water, to make bread so that Joe can have something to eat that would satisfy his God-given appitite so he could have energy for that day. And the butter that joe spread on his toast came from milk, that came from a cow that chewed grass, that came from the soil nutrients that God created." Ray says "the honey came from an insect God created to collect nectar from flowers that grew from the soil He had made. The composition of honey consists proportions of fructose, Glucose, water, oil, and special enzymes produced by bees. With their tongues, they suck out the nectar, then store it in sacs inside their bodies. After filling these sacs witht heir juices, they fly back to their bee hive and regurgitate the stored nectar for the house bees. The house bees are assigned the job of adding enzymes from their bodies to the nectar. The enzymes cause chemical reactions to rippen their nectar and evaporate its water. Lastly the nectar is stored in a cell of the honey comb. Over time the nectar rippens and becomes honey."

Kirk says "As Joe gazed at his garden, he took a deep breath. He breathed in life-giving oxygen that have been breathed out by trees God had made. Trees are our breathing partners. You may not live in a forest, but you and I need trees in order to live. People and animals depend on trees and plants for oxygen. As you breathe in, your body produces oxygen. As you breathe out, it releases carbon dioxde. And trees do just the opposite; they take in carbon dioxide and release oxygen, which also helps to clean the air. We use trees to make paper for books, but there is also more than 5,000 different made things from trees: like baseball bats, shoe polish, even tooth paste comes from the extracts that come from trees. joe then breathed out carbon dioxide so that the trees would have something to breathe in."

Just FYI, the vast majority of Earth's oxygen does not come from trees. It actually comes from Plankton in the oceans.

Ray "the reason he drank the milk is because God had created him with a re-occuring thirst to hydrate his body. That caused him to want to drink the liquid, that came from the cow, that chewed the grass, that came from the dirt that God had made." The voice narrtor comes back and explains the process of how a cow digests grass and produces milk.

Once again, there is no evidence to prove any of this. Ray and Kirk are only asserting that is true, which holds just as much weight as some other person assert their bodies where specially designed by cosmic time-transcending pixies.

(09:06 - 11:25) Joe walks around looking at his yard. Kirk says "Joe looks around at his yard with his God-given eyes, with their millions of light sensitive cells, and incredible self-focusing muscles, which sent the image to his brain. There he saw his garden filled with colorful flowers, waiting for the bees to come to collect nectar to make honey for his toast. With his astoundingly made ears, he listened to the variety of cherping birds as they welcomed a brand new day and sang praises to the one who created all things. As the rain began to drop, he did not think of the fact that each drop was being miraculously held together by its own skin. Water surface tension is characterized by an elastic tight sheet on the edges of the liquid. In physics, this phenomenon is known as water skin, and that layer allows certain insects and other miniscule things to seemingly walk on water." Ray says "as it drops through the heavens, the sun shines through the transparent liquid and displays out the seven colors of the rainbow. As the sun's rays hits the water, it is traveling at 186,000 miles per second, in a perfectly straight line, till they are reflected in several directions by that tiny fast moving water drop. When the little drop hits the vast ocean, it sends out tiny waves in a perfect circle as the energy from it is absorbed into the great ocean."

Kirk says "the sea looks flat to Joe's unthinking eyes, but over the horizon, the seemingly flat ocean curves to his left as well as his right and curves in front of him, and on the other side of the Earth, it turns upside down. yet it doesn't spill into space, because fo the same law of gravity that God created that pulled that drop of water from the great cloud to Mr. Average's garden. And this is all happening as Joe stands on this huge ball of dirt we call Earth, which is spinning around as well as moving through space at 67,000 miles an hour. The Bible so rightly observes the wonders of God's creation when says 'these are just the beginning of all that He does, merely a whisper of His power' (Job 26:14a)."

"The Bible so rightly observes the wonders of God's creation"... oh really, like the Earth being flat? Or the earth being immobile? (1 Chronicles 16:30) Or the Earth being the center of the universe?

(11:26 - 14:52) Ray and Kirk stand by a man painting a canvas in Joe's yard (the canvas is turned away from the camer). Ray says "imagine you are standing in awe of what you think is the most beautiful painting ever painted. It's breathtaking beyong words. As you gaze at its incredible majesty, its an amazing wonder you are told that the actual painter is standing right beside you. What are you going to do? Do you ignore him? Of course not, you can't help yourself, words spill from your excited lips and you say 'Did you paint that? It's absolutely magnificent. You are a wonderful artist.' You give him the apporpriate honor, you give him the appropriate praise, anything less than that would be a sin."

Kirk then says "now think about it: God painted every breath-taking sunrise, every massive snow-capped mountain, he made the deep blue seas teaming with life, and the magificent clouds that pour their water down upon the thirst Earth. God painted creation with vibrant colors, he filled the canvas of life with amazing animals and gorgeous flowers with brightly colored birds and tall green oxygen-exhaling trees."

And the proof that Kirk's god created all of this is where??..................

Ray says "The Bible uses personification when speaking about God, saying that the trees of the field clap their hands, the hills sing, the stones cry out in praise of Him because of who he is and what he has done. The trees lift their branches in worship, the flowers blossom to his glory, and the birds sing to him with wonderful praises, and he is there standing right beside you."

The trees lift their branches to collect sunlight, as do flowers. Did it ever occur to Ray or Kirk that the birds might really be singing just to find a mate and engage in coitus?

Kirk says "Imagine now that you are back looking at that incredible painting, and there is a man beside you is raving about just as much as you did. But when he finds out who the person next to him is the actual painter, he spits on him, he cusses him out and for some unknown reason he adamately denies that the painting ever had a painter. Then he says the unthinkable, he says it happened by accident." Cut to a scene of a interview with two young men in the 3rd Street Promenade, Santa Monice. The evangelist says "when you look at a building, you know there was a builder. When you look at a painting you know there was a painter, but when you look at creation, you don't know if there was a creator." One of them says "right" and the scene cuts right there back to Kirk in the yard. "That is what much of this world does. The creator is right beside them and the blaspheme his name, the refuse to give him due praise for who his is and what he has done or to give him thanks for the gift of life. And then some of them do the unthinkable: they deny his existence and say that the entire miracle of creation was just an accident."

TAKE NOTE: nowhere in that split-second interview did those young men say once "no, I think everything was an accident." They did no provide any response to what they think happen without a creator. Kirk just asserts that "accident" is the only other alternative without even hearing other possibilities.

There is just as much evidence that "God is beside us" as a invisible little leprechaun constantly hovering slightly above our heads.

Cut to Ray interviewing David from earlier. Ray points out to David that the brain and eyes are much more sophisticated than any super computer or camera that has ever been made. Ray asks David if he [David] thinks his brain happened by accident. David says "no it didn't happen by accident. Years and years of successive evolution --(Ray cuts him off, asking David's age)-- ...I'm 23." Ray asks did evolution take place in 23 years? David responds "No not in 23 years." Ray cuts him off with another question, "what happened before you were born that determines what sort of brain that you get?" David answers "my genetic DNA from my parents." Ray jumps in with another question, "which goes back to who?" David answers "to their parents, and their parents, and theirs..." Ray cuts him off and says "right back to Adam?" David says "I mean, whether or not Adam existed or not, that is a different story, but yeah I'll give you that---" Ray cuts him off with another question, "goes back to him?" David goes on, "Adam, ya know, whatever Adam (quote-on-quote with his fingers) is, ya know, quote on quote, Adam and Eve--" the scene cuts back to Kirk in the yard.

Kirk says "know why would they do that? Well, the Bible tells us that it is specifically because of his moral government. God demands moral responsibility, and that is especially flies in the face of this sinful world."

The dismissal of the belief in god(s) has nothing to do with morality. As the actual statistics and facts hows, atheists are more peaceful than theists. The difference between the two is that atheists tend to be good, and when we are we are good for goodness sake. We do, or what we do that needs to be done, because it should be, not because of any threat or any reward either. So why do Christians think that belief in God has anything to do at all with being good? The popular notion is that whenever anyone dies, they are judged based on the tally of the good or evil things they have done in their lives. This idea is much older than the Bible. It dates back to the Zoroastrian religion – which scholars say contributed significantly to the formation of Judaism, of which Christianity emerged. Way back then, they believed that the souls of men ascend to the kingdom of Justice and Truth; and the souls of evil men descend into the Kingdom of the Lie ruled by Aroman. Shadows of this can be found in modern Judaism. This is what it says in the sevestas of Zarathrustra, but it does not say that in the Bible and that is not what Christianity teaches. In the Christian religion, nearly all sins can be forgiven if you believe in Jesus and simply because you believe in Jesus. No matter how absurd the stories are, all you have to do is swallow whatever the priests serve or selling...and that's it! You're saved! So if you love sin, claim Jesus as your Savior. Yes there are passages in the Bible that say works are important too, but only in addition to faith. And those passages could be paraphrased as “believe what we tell you, so you will do as we say.” Submissive obedience and subservience to the priests is repeated throughout, but there are also passages (Conficians 2:8) that you are saved ONLY through your faith, not of yourselves. Meaning there is nothing you can actually do about it. Because as if says in Isiah 54:6, your good works are like filthy rags in the eyes of God. It does not matter how good or bad you are, you are not going to be held accountable for your sins. That is not what you are going to be judged on. There is only one criteria: all that matters is that you believe, and that you believe on faith (meaning that you have complete conviction without evidence). Remember, Jesus said “blessed he that has not seen and yet believed.” So morality IS NOT the issue. All that matters is whether you can believe the most outrageous claims imaginable, even from the least credible people possible, and believe it completely even when there is no good reason to believe it at all as you should. The saintly skeptic is cursed simply for being rational while the most naïve sinners can still be saved. You can break the Ten Commandments as many times as you want to, you won't go to Hell for that. In fact, God lists hundreds of Commandments, but he won't give a damn if you break them: disbelief.

So believers can be as vile as they wish – it doesn't matter. Atheists can be the most moral people ever – it doesn't matter. Morality doesn't matter!!! This idea that people dismiss the idea of a god is based on their morals is nonsense. Gullibility is the only criteria required for redemption. So if you love sin, and you don't want to get killed for it, just say that you believe in Jesus and the Holy Ghost. Because the only real way to piss God off is not to believe in him.

(14:53 - 19:37) Ray and Kirk walk around the yard infront of Joe's house. Kirk says, "You proudly take your friend through your new house and say 'didn't the builder do a great job?' But instead of agreeing with you, and giving him the praise he deserves, he says 'I don't believe there was a builder.' You're amazed. You wonder if your friend has suddenly become mentally challanged or did he bang his head on a exposed beam. I mean, why would he deny that there was a builder? And then a light goes off in your head. You smile and you say, 'ahhh, so there is some problem between you and the builder. You had a falling out and you are just so angry with him that you deny that he even exists.' I mean, that is your only logical conclusion. You can't think of any other reason why an intelligent rational human being would suddenly abandon logic and basic reasoning and deny something so blatantly obvious."

Buildings and the universe are completely separate things. Comparing a man-made object to everything else is a false equivocation.

The issue here is that Ray Comfort and Kirk Cameron do not distinguished between naturally made objects versus artificially made objects, rather he seems to insert they are all the same thing. This is why he compares man-made buildings with naturally living things that does not need a designer. This is going way beyond comparing apples and oranges (or perhaps bananas).

Cut to a scene of Kirk Cameron interviewing three young adults in the 3rd Street Promenade, Santa Monice. Two are male and one is female. Kirk asks them what they think what happens when somebody dies? only the girl answers, she says "I think they just die.I don't really  think there is a place they go to, they just sit in the ground and the bugs come." Kirk asks her if she thinks that is what is going to happen to her. She says yes, she says that is the way of the world. She adds that people often add stories that people will go places after they die just to "look forward" to something. She says the three of them have argued about this, and she is opened to the idea of an afterlife. Kirk asks her "where do you get your ideas and information from to say that there is no god?" She says her mother was a Christian and her father was an atheist, neither of them pressed their views unto her, and she formed her own beliefs. She says she never experienced feelings of a higher power, fate, or anything of the like. Kirk asks if she is an atheist, she answers yes. Then Kirk asks her how would she make a cow (without starting from leather, because Kirk says "because that is where the cow comes from")? She does not know how to answer that question.

Kirk then says 'as an atheist myself for a lot of years, I kinda said look I am having a great time in my life and I am not going to join all these religious nuts and start believing in fairy tales' but one day I started thinking about the fact that if I die and i find out there is a god, I really want to know before I die so god is there anyway that you can give me some clues? Maybe I am just looking at the glass half-empty instead of half-full.' And when you think about stuff like Jeff (pointing two one of the guys) I dont know know to make a Jeff. I can't start with eyes or ears, and if I were to start making his vascular system do I start by making the heart or the blood or the veins, and if we all evolved which one came first because none of the others can have a function if not all three of them are there at that same time. So IF there is a god, and he is good, and he sees all things and he's all-powerful, do you think he would see you as a good person?" Before going through the are you a good person? routine, the girl says that she thinks if there was a god then it would be plainly obvious to everyone and everyone would know. Kirk says, "well I KNOW THERE IS A GOD. I don't know Jeff well enough, but I can tell you there is a god, and I think you know there is a god deep down in your heart. You put your head on the pillow and you kind go is this all there is? Does my life really have no meaning or purpose other than that to sort of be bug food in about 50 years when I die and have a good time when I'm here?' CUT - the scene changes suddenly to another part of the interview with the same people.

HOLD ON!!! Kirk says "I KNOW there is a god"...HOW????

"because I am living, I'm breathing, and I'm standing here", that is not proof of anything other than Kirk Cameron exists! Simply existing does not mean you are a product of an alien experiment or crafted by cosmic pixies. It simply shows that you exist, and you're mere existence is not proof of anything beyond that.

Knowledge is demonstratable and testable. If you know something, you can show it. You know for instance that if you drop an item it will fall to the floor. You know this and you can test it repeatably.

In summary, Kirk Cameron LIED when he says that he knows god is real. He cannot and did not demonstrate that god is real, he merely asserted that his existence is proof. That is absurd and simply wrong. Your existence does not prove the existence of leprechauns, genies, or gods.

CUT SCENE to another part of the interview.  Kirk asks the girl what scares her most in life? She answers "maybe not having the freedom to believe whatever I want or do what I want." There is a booming sound effect, and the scene cuts back to Ray and Kirk infront of Joe's house. Ray says "THERE LIES THE PROBLEM between the professing atheist and god. There is a state of hostility between them. He does have a reason for being unreasonable. He objects to the moral standards of god. He says 'god don't you tell me what I can't do with my life. I love my lust and fornication and my adultery and my pornography. It's my life an I'll do what I want with it. I am therefore going to go to the extreme of denying your very existence. In my mind, you don't exist.' And in so doing, he brings upon him what the Bible calls "swift destruction."

Here Ray is raving.

The atheist answered, honestly, that she is perhaps most worried about not allowing to believe what she wants. In America, citizens have the right to believe whatever they wish. Unlike some countries, for instance a Muslim country, it is a punishable by death to leave Islam. In certain countries, you are DEMANDED BY LAW to believe certain things and not exercise your free thought or allowed the freedom to make your own choices.

Ray jumps of this and makes a false equivocation, asserting the atheist is in a state of rebellion against RAY'S GOD because the atheist does not want to follow its rules. This is not issue at all. One cannot reject the rules of something that does not exist.

Ray shamelessly bashes a person he does not know, affirming the unbeliever loves certain "vile" things just to reject his god. this is a smoke-screen from the real problem: Kirk and Ray did not present any evidence to the atheist (or in this program) and evidence that god even exists. So the issue is not that unbelievers love certain things, its that there simply is no evidence. This is not "denying" a thing's existence anymore than any person "denying" leprechauns -- both are fictional beings.

(19:38 - 20:59)

Enter Phil Johnson. He says "what is the biggest stumbling block for sinners coming to christ, I would say its their sin because we love sin. And you knwo the key is Romans 8:7-8 which says the carnal mind -- that's someone who has never been redeemed and does not have the Holy Spirit in his hear. His mind is just carnal, he is just in love with his sin -- and the carnal mind is enmity against god, in other words the unredeemed mind hates god because we love sin. He is at enmoty with god therefore he can't obey god, he can't please god...that is the state of every person without christ. And that is a huge stumbling block, its the love for sin that makes it utterly impossible for us to obey the first and greatest of the commandment which says 'you should love god with all your soul, with all your heart, your mind and all your strength.' How can you do that and love sin at the same time? You can't, and yet we are so corrupt and in love with our sin and our natural state, our fallen state, that it is impossible for a sinner to generate in his own heart a love for god that fulfills the first and greatest of the commandments. So he is doomed, and the only hope that he has is the grace of god, that god will give him a new heart, and that is exactly what the church says is the salvation is all about."

Repeating yourself "because they love sin" as many times as you can does not make it any more real than a Scientologists blaming all of your troubles on thetans infesting your body.

(21:00 - 21:37)

CUT BACK to Kirk interviewing the three people from earlier. Kirk says "can I tell you why I think you deny god? Here is what I think, and I don't know you at all, but I have a little but of insight in your heart because I used to be an atheist. I THINK that the freedom to believe and live the way that you want is so important to you that the thought of someone being in charge of this whole thing and having a standard that he is going to hold you accountable to is just way to much for you to want to submit yourself to, because that means it might put a wet blanket on some of the things that you want to do." Scene cuts there, with a close-up on her face. She is giving a smile with a "whatever" look on her face.

Do you deny Allah because you do not want to be held accountable for your crimes?

Do you scoff at the idea that you will be held accountable by the Great Unga Bunga for not worshiping him at least 82 times a day?

No, you do not. Nobody does not accept a fairy tale story to get out of being held accountable for their fictional rules. They deny the fairy tales because they are not real, its that simple. Evangelists like Kirk Cameron, Ray Comfort, Phil Johnson know this so they must conjure a misleading reason to explain why people do not think or believe the same thing they do.

(21:38 - 24:40) Kirk starts walking alone (Ray shows up in the middle of his talk). Kirk says "do you believe that god made all these things? If you don't, I have a challange for you. YOU CREATE one cow that can chew green grass and make white milk that may turn into yellow butter. YOU MAKE an eye, just one (or an ear or a brain) from nothing. Or make a living flower that can make nectar and pollen, that can be collected by bees that you have made, and have them whip it into some honey. OR just create one drop of water from nothing and cause the sun's rays to split into seven different colors."


Where is your data examining the universe and separate dimensions? Where is your data measuring the units of the forces that created these things? Do you have in your collection the step-by-step cosmic blueprints that developed these things?

The scene cuts to Ray interviewing several different people across Los Angeles to make certain things from nothing. None of them can answer. Two of them are a guy and a lady (Art and Nikki), both wearing backpacks, in the 3rd Street Promenade, Santa monica. Ray asks Art how to make honey from nothing. He says it would have to come from bees. Ray asks how to make a bee from nothing. When Art can't answer Ray says "that is what youre telling me with atheism, that the bee came from nothing." Art says the bee evolved "from something." Ray asks what did it evolve from and "who made the something"? Ray says "Someone had to have made the something" to which Art responds "not necessarilly." Skip to Ray talking to Nikki, she says "it all evolved from the dinosaurs" to which Ray asks where did the dinosaurs evolve from? She replies "I don't know, the Big Bang Theory" and Ray asks "who made the materials necessary for the Big Bang? You've got to mave material for a bang." Ray asks where did the materials come from, Nikki says "who knows" and Art "from space." Ray asks "who made the gases?" Cut to Ray talking to two guys in Hollywood. One of the guys says "I don't find your logic compelling." Ray says "its sensible though. If you are an intelligent being and you can't make a cow or a bee or milk or honey, then obviously somebody much more intelligent than you created the cow and the bee. Does that make sense?" The guy responds with "No it does not make sense. I dont think there is a logcal correlation between those two." Ray asks the other guy if it makes sense, to which he answers "It makes sense, nature created all those animals." Ray responds with "evolution made itself?" CUT SCENE

First of all, atheism by definition does not say ANYTHING came from nothing. It is only a lack of belief in god(s) -- that's it. nothing more, nothing less. It does not say animals or matter came from nothing, it does not comment whatsoever on origins. Every atheist is free to believe how they think everything came to be, but to assert that all atheism and atheism in of itself says that everything came from nothing IS A LIE.

Art was spot on when he pointed out to Ray Comfort's point "someone had to have created the something." Art is correct, this is not necessarily true.

Ray Comfort and Kirk Cameron have not proven or established that we live in a creation. Assuming for the moment that we do, there is nothing to indicate that the creator is a "who" when we have not even established "WHAT" it is. For the sake of argument, what if the creator was a self-assembling computer, a time-traveling A.I., an alien, etc. Saying that "someone" made everything implies a "person." If we assume there is a creator, there are multiple theoretical scenarios that could fulfill the role that does not have to be a person.

"You've got to mave material for a bang"...Ray Comfort does not understand a thing about the Big Bang

"I don't find your logic compelling."

The two last guys easily see through Ray's faulty logic. Their two responses to Ray's point "If you are an intelligent being and you can't make a cow or a bee or milk or honey, then obviously somebody much more intelligent than you created the cow and the bee" is a false equivocation. A person did not create these things, as the second guy points out they are the biological products of natural selection and evolution.

Ray's last response "evolution made itself?" screams how deceptive he is trying to be. To see how absurd and ridiculous this statement is, imagine if Ray said "so gravity made itself?"

(24:41 - 25:06) Ray and Kirk are back, walking. Ray says "If you can do these things, then sit back and expect the birds to sing you praises. You deserve it. Until then, you better do what I did many years ago when my blind eyes were opened to the works of almighty god. Lay your hand upon your sinful mouth, humble yourself, and then bow your own grateful heart in worship to the god that gave you life and lavished his goodness upon you, then quickly obney his fearful voice and make peace with him through the blood of the cross.

One on One[]

(25:011 - 31:16)

Scene cuts back to Ray talking to Art and Nikki with the backpacks in the 3rd street Promenade in Santa Monica. The guy admits he is an atheist. When Ray asked him if he thinks everything happened by "chance" Art says "pretty much what you make happens happens." Ray asks if it is possible that god exists and he is eternal. Art says "I suppose yes, if you are open minded, then anything is possible." Art says he asked this "god" to do certain things but nothing happened, but that is kinda expected to ask something that does not exist to change something. Ray says "hold on, you've got to come to him on his terms. I can say I want the Queen of England to be in my bedroom tomorrow at one o'clock, but she is not going to show up. I've got to come on her terms. I've got to bow, I've got to make an appointment, and god is just the same on steroids. You've got to approach him the way he wants you to, and the Bible says you've got to have a humble heart. You've got to come in faith." But then Ray says "so, if there was a heaven, do you think you would be good enough to go there?" Nikki does not think there is a heaven, so Ray says "well if there was a heaven, lets sumurise. Let's be theoretically." Ray then takes them through the are you a good person? routine. Nikki says if there is a god then he should be all-forgiving, to which Ray asks "are you sure about that? Are you willing to bet your life on it?" In the middle of the routine on blasphemy, Ray says "God gave you life, music, good food, etc and you've used his name as a cuss word!?!?" And the end when Ray finds them guilty he repeats "IF" there is a god and heaven, then they are in trouble unless they accept christ. Art replies to the "IF" and says he may end up in Limbo, to which Ray says "there is no Limbo, there is not fence to sit on." Later on, Ray says he hopes that fear will take hold of them both to urge them to accept God, but Art goes on and says they are raising five boys and they have not told any of them to think or believe certain ways and allow them to form their own opinions. At that, Ray says "listen to this if it makes sense, if I am standing before a Judge and I have done a terrible crime of rape and murder and I say judge, I know I've done bad things, but I got to tell ya I raise five kids well and I've helped old lades cross the road (Art says "I've never raped anybody, to which Ray continues) and the Judge is going to say your good works mean nothing," Ray says "your crimes may be trivial to you, but to god the Bible says lying lips are an abomination to the Lord. God killed a husband and a wife in the Bible simply because they told one lie. And it says all liars have their place in the lake of fire. Lying and deceitfulness is so offense to the holy god that he demands the death sentence for it. Now do you know what god did for you so you don't have to go to hell?" Nearing the end, talking about jesus and how his death "dismissed your case and allowed you to live" and you must repent and trust in jesus and god will forgive you in that moment "and I am not lying to you." Art says if he dies nothing may happen, "its like turning off a TV." Ray says "well then you've lost nothing, you won't even be around to say I told you so but take the alternative! Then you've lost everything."


(31:17 - 32:51) Kirk says "if the greatest commandment is to love god with all of your heart, mind, soul, and strength, then failure to do so is the greatest sin. We hope this program has been helpful to you as you face the ultimate questions in your life: what does God require of me and where will I spend eternity? Thanks for joining us." Roll credits and advertise merchandise.

The Way of the Master
Season One Episodes:

1. The Firefighter   2. The Mirror of the Ten Commandments   3. The Motive of the Sinner   4. The Summary of Salvation   5. Practice What You Preach   6. Idolatry—The Darling Sin of Humanity   7. The Beauty of a Broken Spirit—Atheism   8. WDJD?   9. Blasphemy, Sabbath, Parents   10. Murder   11. Adultery   12. Theft   13. Lie and Covet

Season Two Episodes:

1. God's Wonderful Plan   2. Conscience   3. Alcatraz, Al Capone, Alcohol   4. True and False Conversion   5. When Things Go Wrong   6. The Satanic Influence   7. How to Witness to Someone Who's Homosexual/Gay   8. Evolution   9. How to Witness to a Loved One   10. The Fear of God   11. Ice Breakers—Gospel Tracts   12. The Greatest Gamble  13. How to Get on Fire for God

Season Three Episodes:

1. Battle for the Lost   2. Where Has the Passion Gone?   3. Joe Average   4. Caught in a Lie   5. The Divine Butler   6. Why Christianity?   7. Jehovah's Witness   8. Mormonism   9. Are You A Genius?   10. Last Words of the Rich and Famous   11. How to Find God's Will   12. What Scares You   13. Hollywood Be Thy Name

Ray Comfort — Kirk Cameron