Judaism is usually regarded as the first Abrahamic religion, and the first large monotheistic religion. Due to their refusal over the centuries to accept Christianity and/or Islam, and their traditionally strong cultural coherence, Jews are frequently made the subject of numerous conspiracy theories and libels, as well as pogroms and genocides (by far the most notable being the Holocaust of World War II).

All forms of Judaism have in common the Old Testament of the Bible as their primary scriptures known as the Tanakh. The overwhelming majority also base their practices on a substantial body of tradition and commentary known as the Talmud.

As with all the major religions, Judaism is divided into a large number of disagreeing sects.

A good feature of Judaism[]

Judaism teaches that the good things in life are gifts from the creator. According to Judaism Jews and Gentiles have a duty to enjoy those things that are permitted to them. Refusing to make the most of permitted pleasures is an act of ingratitude against the Creator. That hopefully deters deters Jews from the type of fasting and self denial found in the more asthetic practises of Hinduism and Christianity for example.

References and notes[]

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