He [Ken Ham] is unnaturally obsessed with the Book of Genesis from the Old Testament Bible, to such a degree that he has devoted his life to the mental contortions necessary when taking the book to be literal truth. Whether this is a strong personal belief that he holds, or he realized how much money he could get by exploiting popular gullibility, is as yet unknown.

Ken Ham is the rich, successful businessman in charge of Answers in Genesis. Ken Ham also runs his own website and criticised the Intelligent Design movement for not following the Mythology in the Bible. [2]


Ken Ham's one of those who imagine Dinosaurs co-existed with Human beings, at least he published a booklet showing a dinosaur with stuff humans made in the background so it looks like he wants readers to believe that. Also the Creation museum Ken Ham runs has superbly intelligent stuff like saddled dinosaurs. Ken Ham ignores Radiometric dating and other data which Scientists use to show the real age of the dinosaurs.
"No scientist was there to see the dinosaurs live through this supposed dinosaur age."
To this Michael Suttkus replies
"No scientist saw the authors of the Bible, so that can be discarded as well. Isn't it funny how the creationists don't apply the same standards of evidence to their own "theories."" [3]

Bill Nye[]

Ken Ham debated Science educator, Bill Nye in February 2014. Bill Nye and science won. [4] [5] Even a Christian website admits that Ken Ham lost the debate but AIG decided in advance to sell large numbers of DVD's. Will they still sell them even though Ken Ham came out badly? We're waiting to see. [6]

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