Last Words of the Rich and Famous is the title of the tenth episode from season three of The Way of the Master.

Episode Walkthrough[]

The scene takes place in a gloomy and misty graveyard (staged).

Set ups and theatrics will not make your arguments any more valid.

(00:00 - 00:10)

  • Ray "Why are there such things as typhoons, tuberculosis, cancer, meningitis, things like any of the thousands of terrible diseases that bring nothing but pain, suffering, and death."

(00:11 -

  • Kirk "Is this the way that God planned it? That is what we are going to look at in this program."

Again, this is basing everything on the assumption that Ray and Kirk's narrow version of God exists. Ray and Kirk believe they have proven their God, or at least think he is self-evident, but not once have they actually provided any solid evidence. They have failed to prove their God in all debates and they remain closed to certain facts and evidence (such as evolution).

The Intro to this program shows Ray and Kirk asking several questions in line with the are you a good person? routine.

After the Intro, the camera displays a public protest, calling for the legalization and decriminalization of marijuana. Then jump to Ray interviewing random people who are not part of the protest.

What does showing a protest like this have anything to do with dead legends and religion? Perhaps Ray and Kirk think that marijuana brings suffering, or maybe they think it ends certain sufferings. It surely would decrease suffering: we would have less people in prison and the loss of thousands of lives during the fighting of the Drug War would cease.

(00:43 - 01:20)

Ray asks the man if he ever thinks about death and why he will die. The man says he does. Ray asks if he is afraid of dying, but the man says that depends how he dies. Skip to Ray interviewing two young ladies if they are afraid of dying. One lady says she is not afraid of dying, she just does not want to die. When Ray asked why does everyone die, she says "because that is how God made us."

(01:22 - 01:45)

  • Kirk "Lets look at an average day on God's beautiful Earth. Today's dawn defines the usual 20,000 children starved during the night. Others have died during the day by being bitten by poisonous snakes, spiders or scorpions. Attacked by sharks, devoured by lions, tigers, and other man-eating killers. Or infected with diseases from blood-sucking mosquitoes."

And lets think about things like HPV. HPV is now the most common sexually transmitted disease in the United States. The virus infects over half the American population and causes nearly five thousand women to die each year from cervical cancer; the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) estimates that more the two hundred thousand die worldwide. We now have a vaccine for HPV that appears to be both safe and effective. The vaccine produced 100 percent immunity in the six thousand women who received it as part of a clinical trial. And yet, Christian conservatives in our government have resisted a vaccination program on the grounds that HPV is a valuable impediment to premarital sex. These pious men and women want to preserve cervical cancer as an incentive toward abstinence, even if it sacrifices the lives of thousands of women each year. This is insanity in its purest form. Incidentally not all of these thousands of women have had the wrong type of sex, some are colateral damage because their husbands did something with someone else before or after they married.

Do I have to bring up Africa and the Christian crusade against condoms? Do I have to bring up the Christian missionaries in India kidnapping and sodomizing Indian children? For that matter, do I have to bring up the numerous reports of priest pedophilia on the children?

(01:46 - 01:59)

  • Ray "Perhaps today we will have a surprise volcanic eruption or an earthquake that will crush families to death. Maybe a surprise tsunami will drown a town or a city. Cancerous diseases continue to take their toll and cause thousands to die in agony."

Recently, when New Orleans was devastated by Hurricane Katrina, Christians pointed the finger at abortion providers and homosexuals. When a tsunami hit Indonesia, Christians said it was because God was angry with them. Examples like these are numerous. Basically, the core of it all is that God both allows these disasters to happen and he deliberately takes action to see to it that these disasters hit certain targets because some humans offended his ego. This makes God an enabler and a monster. Bottom line, God is evil.

(02:00 - 02:24)

  • Kirk "Multitudes perish from fatal elements that have always plagued mankind from asthma to tifoid, leprosy, heart disease, and today human beings will be struck by lightening, drowned in floods, killed by hurricanes and tornadoes, tormented by plight, pestilence, and infestation. They will be inflicted, devastated and be brought to ruin. Now that to you might sound like the Book of Job, but just watched the news tonight."

No news is shown, rather back to the street interviews.

(02:25 - 04:11)

Ray tells his interviews that we live in a fallen creation, and asks if they believe in that also.

(04:12 - 04:35)

  • Ray "There are three main alternatives to explain all this suffering.
  1. There is no God, it is evidence by the chaos - That is ridiculous because creation proves there is a creator.
  2. God is totally incompetent and can't control his creation, or won't which makes him a tyrant
  3. There is another explanation, one which the Bible gives from the state of the world."

Ray's argument Creation requires a creator has already been refuted a thousand times, and he knows it. For one, he is basing it all on the assumption that we live in a creation, without even providing any reason or evidence that it is a creation. His argument falls on its face when it comes to matter and energy, since the law of thermodynamics states that they cannot be created. Can't be created, therefore it had no "creator."

As it stands, the only answer is there is no God. Feel free to further explore this site to see why. In regards to the second point, why did Ray have no comment for this one? Perhaps he has no counter-argument, or thought it was not worth the trouble. However, it is worth the trouble, and it refutes an omni-benevolent God. If God is all-powerful, all-knowing, all-loving, then evil and suffering should not exist. And yet they do.

(04:36 - 05:14)

  • Kirk "This is the biblical explanation for why there are so many terrible things in this life. In the beginning, God's original creation was good - with no disease, no suffering, pain or death. But when sin entered the world, through the disobedience of one man (Adam) it brought about what is called The Fall. And because of that, we now live in a fallen creation. Suffering, disease, decay, and death came as a result of sin. So, the Bible gives us a reasonable explanation for why we now have all this suffering. It makes sense."

It does NOT IN THE LEAST make any sense whatsoever. According to Ray and Kirk, death, disease, decay and such did not exist until man came along (whether it be millions or thousands of years ago).

It is absolutely ridiculous to claim that death could not exist at one point in the world. For example, if God created sharks, and the sharks had offspring, then death was a part of the world at the start. Shark babies eat their younger siblings while still in their mother's womb (an act of cannibalism), so it is completely unavoidable to avoid death. Certain animals have particular diets that rely on killing other animals - which is the definition of being an animal. Even humans eat meat, and in the Book of Genesis humans were allowed to eat from the trees. All vegetables have cells and are thus living beings, so whenever we eat them we engage in an act of killing another thing. Death had to exist from the start, way before Ray and Kirk think sin came into the world.

Decay also has been a part of the world, eons before man ever arrived on the scene. Atoms and molecules decay constantly, and they need to for life to exist in the first place. At the cellular level, organisms have to break down molecules to thrive. Fungi cannot live without decaying certain molecules.

If God's original creation did not include disease, then why create humans and all the other animals with an immune system? The purpose of an immune system is to defend our bodies from external fatal sources. Our immune systems would be completely pointless if there were no disease. What would be the point? Perhaps God, being all knowing, already knew that disease would eventually enter the world when he would eventually get around to making the first human. The immune system seems to stands as a testimony that God knew suffering would come, and he allowed (making God malevolent rather than benevolent).

Ray and Kirk are both strong proponents of intelligent design. According to ID, some biological systems are irreducibly complex (that is, they cannot have evolved naturally and must have been the result of a intelligent designer).

Michael Behe, the originator of the irreducibly complex argument, argues that the immune system is irreducibly complex. Based on this, if humans were created as Ray and Kirk believe, they must have been made with an immune system from the start. Arguing that humans must have developed an immune system after the Fall is futile, since we already addressed that ID argues that the immune system could not have evolved in the human body.

However, scientists have already proven that the immune system can and did evolve naturally. This means Ray and Kirk are wrong about intelligent design and irreducible complexity, but they are also wrong that there was no disease on earth before humans came into the picture. All animals have immune systems (even the ones Genesis says were created before man), which would be pointless to create if there was never disease to begin with. This all sums up to a big dilemma for those like Ray and Kirk who have faith in biblical creationism;

  • either there was disease on Earth – even before man came into the picture.
  • or God already knew that sin and disease would eventually enter the world before he created man.

If a believer chooses the first option, then they admit that God's original creation was not “good” as Genesis says, making God an imperfect being. If they choose the second option, which is the equivalence of God knowing that a house was soaked in gasoline (which he made), then he brought along a lit match (Adam and Eve) and knew the match would start an inferno that would spread and ruin his “good” house.

WOTM quotes Romans 5:11

(05:26 - 05:41)

  • Ray "many years ago, a young woman found herself in a hospital tragically dying of an unknown disease. As her mother sat on the bedside, she said Mom, you taught me how to sew, how to cook, how to clean, you have taught me how to live, but you didn't teach me how to die."

Any source for this? While this may be an insignificant piece, but with Ray and Kirk's track record of not doing research and straight up lying, it is likely they make up stories such as this.

Incidentally this shows the way for Fundamentalist Christian women the most important things to learn are how to sew, how to cook, how to clean, how to look after children and how to die. Atheists and liberal Christians allow women a wider range of interests.

(05:42 - 06:03)

  • Kirk "How do you teach someone how to die? Is it even possible to do such a thing? Well to answer that, let me ask you another question: have you ever wondered why some people are so interested in religion? I mean' isn't religion the ultimate party pooper? Or something that was created by powerful men to keep the common people under his thumb?"

Typical Christian response to answer a question with another question. How about you provide a straight answer. During the Nightline debate with the rational Response Squad, Ray was asked by a lady to explain cancer. Ray sidetracked multiple times, infuriating the lady and the entire audience. They shouted and pointed out to Ray at least three times to provide a straight answer, but he couldn't. Why not? Because they have no answer, and resort to avoiding giving answers by directing the audience to another question.

Kirk's question barely scratched on is it possible to teach someone to die. He could have pointed to any culture that taught its youth that death on the battlefield in service to his country was the greatest glory he could achieve in his life.

History shows us that religion is heavily used by leaders to keep his people under his thumb, such as Popes who ordered his people to go on a Crusade, or even Hitler who used Christianity to motivate his men to exterminate the Jews.

(06:04 - 06:42)

  • Ray "The issue of why people look to the Heavens is a mystery, until we think seriously about it for a moment. There is a huge elephant in the room called death, and he is going to eventually stomp on all of us. When we realize this, it makes sense to see if there is anyway to avoid being stomped on. That is why people usually become a believer in God, the giver of life. Some are slower than others to get to serious thought, as those around him get stomped on and once they buried their bodies, it slowly dawns on them that they too might have a problem. A big one. It is an issue that anyone with a brain thinks about, but few people talk about."

"Think seriously about it for a moment" <--- That will be a first for Ray Comfort.

Why do people look to the sky? Curiosity. Boredom. Trying to count the stars. Who knows. Looking at the stars has drive men to develop the field of astronomy, but death does not seem to be in the picture. Here is poor example, but it is no more poor than Ray's argument: Wolves look to the sky, trying to find the moon, but you do not see wolves forming religions out of fear of death.

Ray and Kirk talk as if death is a figure. They call death "He." Maybe in Ray and Kirk's mind, death is a person - perhaps an angel or the Grim Reaper. Unfortunately for them, death has no figure, nor does death "stomp" on people.

It is true that many become believers when a loved one or a friend dies, but the opposite also happens; when a loved one or friend dies, they suddenly realize a god does not exist.

06:43 - 07:42)

  • Kirk "When Barbara Walters was asked about the afterlife, she said I think that everybody wonders, is there life after death?....What I feel more and more is how important it is to live your life a better way, and not worry about it. What happens will happen. When Barbara was asked if there was a Heaven, and would she expect if she would go there, she answered 'I have no idea.' She did not have any sort of religious upbringings, saying once again ...I really do believe the most important thing is the way you live your life on earth. But I think it's enormously comforting to believe that you're going to see your loved ones. Perhaps the most sobering of times for any human being is when he or she is on their deathbed. In those last moments of time, we tend to open our hearts and expose our fears. So now, lets look a some fearful last words of some famous people."
  • Napoleon said "I marvel that where the ambitious dreams of myself and of Alexander of Caesar should have vanished into thin air, a Judean peasant - Jesus should be able to stretch his hands across he centuries, and control the destinies of man and nations."

(08:02 - 08:43)

  • Kirk "He also said that "I die before my time and my body will be given back to the earth. Such is the fate of him who is called the Great Napoleon. What an abyss between my deep misery and the eternal kingdom of Christ." Ludwig Beethoven, famous composer said, "Too bad. Too bad. It's too late." Queen Elizabeth 1 of England said, "All my possessions for one moment of time." Thomas Hobbes, the famous 17th century philosopher once said, "I am about to take my last voyage, a great leap in the dark." "

(08:44 - 08:58)

  • Ray "Socrates, the classical Greek philosopher once said, "All of the wisdom of this world is but a tiny raft of what we must set sail when we leave this earth. If only there was a firmer foundation on which to sail, perhaps some divine word." "

(08:59 - 09:08)

  • Kirk "There IS a firm foundation. There IS a divine word. It's called the Bible. But so few listen to and obey its divine instructions."

This is only Kirk and Ray's opinions and personal beliefs (more accurately, personal delusions). There is nothing firm in Christianity, and the words of the Bible are clearly and unmistakeably that of men, not of some divine being.

Jump back to the street interviews.

(10:31 - 11:41)

  • Ray "I once dropped a friend off at the crematorium (he was alive at the time) and as I looked the crematorium I was affectionately known, I could not help but notice how nice they made it look. They had an inviting path with beautiful flowers on each side of them leading up to an open door. Inside was made of tasteful wood. Everything was so neat and nice. The undertaker was no longer called the undertaker, but a funeral director. The coffin was no longer called a coffin, but a casket. The Hearst was no longer called a Hearst, but a coach or limousine. And there was even a language for the dead person: we are the deceased and passed on. When your time comes, you get your own little place in the ground with a rose and a pot with your name ascribed to it - with your birth date and your death date. Kinda makes you look forward to your turn doesn't it? NO, NO AND A THOUSAND TIMES NO!!! It does not matter how much they dress up death, no one in his right mind wants to try it on for size. So when the Bible says that Jesus Christ has abolished death and brought life and immortality through the gospel, if there was one chance in a million that it is true, you owe it to your good sense just to listen."

Take that last piece and replace it with this: "So when the Bhagitavida says that Krishna has abolished death and brought life and immortality to mankind, if there is a one chance in a million it is true, you owe it to your good sense just to listen." This is practically identical to Ray's statement (and so are the theoretically infinite other possible alternative deities), and therefore if there is a one in a million chances Krishna and Hinduism is true, then Ray should at least give it a chance. Right?


"NO, NO AND A THOUSAND TIMES NO!!!" shouts Ray Comfort!

Ray has made it clear he is unable and unwilling to give the slightest bit of attention to any other religious views. It does not matter how great Krishna is, even when Krishna performed even greater miracles than Jesus ever did, Ray's dogmatic beliefs prevents him from listening to it for a second. So much, then when he tried (or so he says) to look at the top four religions of the world - this included Hinduism - from a neutral point of view, he said "Hinduism does not help a person against sin and the reality of Hell." His presumption that the Bible is true has blinded and made him deaf to ALL other alternatives and possibilities.

So if Ray is unable to follow his own advice, why should anyone else? Why should we listen to anything Ray says? Most atheists are willing to listen, but when theists fail to provide any evidence, they are completely reasonable to decline the proposed religious views and move on.

Street Interviews: One 2 one[]

(11:42 -

Ray gives a lady several pictures of old and deceased famous individuals, and asks her what they have in common. She says they are all dead and once big legends. Ray then asks her where a person goes after death. She says Heaven or Hell.

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