Lent is when Christians in some Sects and denominations are supposed to give something up till Easter Sunday. Christians seek to purify and rid themselves of earthly delights so they can focus on the pleasures of Heaven to come. Of course if God and Heaven don't exist Christians are just giving up things they could have enjoyed for nothing.


Lent is a time that is traditionally reserved for a type of psychological purging that leads up to the Crucifixion. In light of this, Atheism for Lent seeks to use some of the most potent critiques of Christianity as a type of purifying fire that might help us appreciate and understand Christ’s cry of dereliction on the Cross in a new way. Just as Christ experienced the loss of God on the Cross, so Atheism for Lent invites participants into that desert space traditionally called the dark night of the soul.

Giving up religion can be hard at first but later there's freedom.

  • There's freedom to focus on what works in this world which we know exists.
  • There's freedom from irrational fear and guilt based on some sacred teachings and all that.

There is a good and a a bad side to Christianity, see the category page


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