Magic is defined as changing reality by paranormal or supernatural means. There is absolutely no evidence that magic happens or has ever happened. Those who 'use' magic frequently call themselves witches, wizards warlocks etc, and believe in spells, Blessing and curses, as well as jinxes. They allegedly invoke spirits and ghosts and often form covens.

Magic and miracles[]

Magic and Miracle mean similar things, though alleged miracles involve god/gods worthy of worship and magic presumably doesn't. Presumably it's a cultural difference which means that one's person's god is another True Believer's demon.

Miracle claims are used by almost all established Religions. Followers of these established religions tend to see miracle claims from their own religion as true and those who believe such claims have ”virtuous faith". By contrast people who believe in magic are frequently seen as ignorant, silly and Superstitious. Naturally those who believe in magic do not see themselves that way. Religion is what we believe. Superstition is what those others believe.

Magic in the Bible[]

The Bible has any number of impressive cases where God or his representatives demonstrated magical powers at least according to the text. Despite this, fantastic feats of magic or miracles just don’t happen today in ways which scientists can verify. This difference should be expected if the Bible is myth and legend. [1]


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