Matt Speaking

Matt Dillahunty during a speaking event.

Matt Dillahunty is a notable atheist and former fundamentalist baptist who often hosts The Atheist Experience. He also has debated many various apologists and other theists, and even atheists on other issues.


Dillahunty was born in March 31, 1969, and was raised as a fundamentalist southern baptist. He strived to become a pastor, and because of this studied his religion. Due to this, he saw the contradictory and incorrect nature of the Bible and left the faith.

In 2011, he married Beth Presswood of the podcast Godless Bitches. He led the Atheist Community of Austin until May 2013, when he stepped down.

Notable Debates[]

  • Sye Ten Bruggencate (Is it reasonable to believe in god)
  • Ray Comfort (Is creationism accurate)