Should we eat Him?

As with all religions, Sects and denominations there are disagreements: One believer was inspired to offer Noodly goodness to a child as a First Communion!


How fortunate that our son got to eat two Gods in one day, and I think we all know which one was tastier." (Pastafarian Brian)

Eating His Noodliness brings out artistic talent.


And I cooked spaghetti for visual reference, and rendered His holy form, guided by His Noodly Appendage. And I have consumed the spaghetti, and rejuvenated by this holy communion, I placed the highlights upon his noodles. Blessed be the FSM for creating light and shadow, so that we could see our pasta!

By contrast Shelf stacker Simon Williams has stated!


His supreme noodliness teaches us that pasta is his body, and as such it should be revered – not consumed as part of a balanced diet like these so-call ‘scientists’ keep telling us. I’m sure there are plenty of disgusting infidels out there who want to eat pasta, and much as I’d prefer they didn’t, I won’t tell them to stop – but I certainly won’t have it cross my hands. It’s a mortal sin you know.

Candies have been made in His name [4]