New atheism in a simple comic.

New atheism is an outspoken type of atheism. Outspoken atheism was there before but is certainly becoming more popular.


Why has new atheism developed? Websites like Atheism Wiki have quite a bit to do with that.

  1. We get together online with others who don't accept religion
  2. On secular websites, we help each other develop arguments and become more confident.
  3. We read godless atheist material online and offline.
  4. We tell other atheists what we've read and others decide to get hold of what we've read.

The God Delusion by Richard Dawkins is an example of the material that new atheism publishes. That book and other books like God is Not Great by the late Christopher Hitchens are examples of books that became more popular because atheists discussed them online.

Double standards[]

Should atheists shut up? Well should we???

Christians and other believers frequently think it's OK to insult atheists and call atheists sinners. Well Christian morality isn't all that great and we think Humanist morality is a better way to improve the world. Christians insulting atheists has gone on for centuries but if we fight back we're called strident and undiplomatic. Christians will have to get used to the changes, the times when they could offend Unbelievers without the unbelievers saying anything believers don't like are over.

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