Odin or Wotan or Woden was the most powerful god in the Nordic religion and Thor was his son. Odin had only one eye because he lost the other eye during some fantastic adventure in the underworld but Odin gained tremendous wisdom as compensation. Odin overcame a giant called Ymir and made the world out of the giant's corpse. Odin once spent 9 days hanging upside down from a tree pierced by his own spear in order to gain wisdom. That's longer than Jesus was on the cross.

Odin created Vallhalla where slain warriors feasted with Odin so they could later take part in the battle against the frost giants. At the time of the great Ragnarok (Nordic story that's a bit like Armageddon but not quite) Odin and the heroes of Valhalla would lose against the frost giants, a wolf, Fenris would swallow Odin but his son will later avenge him, not Thor, a different son, Vidar.

All that makes sense doesn't it?

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