The Old Testament is the part of the Bible dealing with the time before Jesus. Jews call it the "Tanakah".

The term "Old Testament,"1 or more properly "Old Covenant," is a Christian designation, reflecting the belief of the early Christian Church that the "new covenant" mentioned in Jer. 31:31-34 was fulfilled in Jesus and that the Christian scriptures set forth the "new covenant," just as the Jewish scriptures set forth the "old covenant" [1]

The Old testament includes history, Mythology, laws (some of them barbaric) and other material.

The God of the Old Testament[]

Many sections of the Old Testament show a God similar to what one would expect a primitive pastoral community to believe in. God frequently appears limited, neither omniscient nor omnipotent. Just one example is the Bronze Age Tower of Babel which could have become a serious threat to him. Genesis 11. [2]

The God of the Old Testament is a vindictive God and in no way Omnibenevolent. For example, an innocent baby was killed to punish David and his mistress for committing adultery, among others. [3]

Human sacrifice[]

Human sacrifice was rare but happened. Isaac was saved at the last moment [4] but would have been traumatized the way the victims of fake executions are traumatised. [5] The virgin daughter of Jephthah wasn't so lucky. [6] King Moab's eldest son was unlucky as well [7] [8]. Fortunately there is no reason to believe this is more than Mythology.

Later in the Old Testament[]

Later the Old Testament has a narrative of the supposed history of Israel that conflicts with archaeological evidence. [9] [10]

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