The concept of gods is disturbing. It brings several paradoxes, such as who created god.  

The neurological disorder of Religion[]

In people with mental strokes, there, is a group of neurons, in the back of the brain, that make them more prone to religion. If they see something like the word Jesus, or God, they have a high pulse, but not normal people. Not even, religious people. Even more comes, 'speaking in tounges'. IDiots such as televangelists, blurt out grunts and barks, out of their mouth. With brain scanning, we see, it is just nonsense.

Paleoanthropology, and religion[]

We have evidence of religion, going, as far back, as the middle palaeolithic. It might have originated as a responce to a brutish lifestyle. Bringing comfort, and harmony. But not anymore.

Who created god[]

Religionists say everything has to have a creator. Well, if we follow that logic, God has to have a creator. That is a slap in the face.

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