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PZ Myers is a Biology professor at the University of Minnesota and a prominent atheist, Myers understands biology so he knows Intelligent Design doesn’t make sense. He dares to get up on public platforms and say that Evolution is more reasonable than Creationism whether Young or Old. Myers attends a great many atheist conferences where he speaks loudly and creationists generally hate him. [1]

Biology career[]

PZ Myers is a widely published [2] associate professor in biology at the University of Minnesota, Morris where he specializes in evolutionary developmental biology, neurobiology and zebrafish. [3]


Unlike many atheists of the mid-20th century and earlier, Myers and many other members of the most recent generation of outspoken atheists do not subscribe to "non overlapping magisteria". Non overlapping magisteria, or NOMA, was the Philosophical principle of Stephen Jay Gould and said matters of science and faith were forever separated in two groups that never overlapped. Myers and other modern atheists reject the NOMA principle outright, with some even suggesting that Gould himself wasn't totally convinced by it. Myers argues that faith and superstition, while unfounded, have a very real impact upon the world through the actions of believers and thus merit critical analysis by any and all means, including science.


Myers runs the fairly popular Pharyngula website and discussion forum. Participants at the forum are known as, The Hoarde, as Pharyngulites or by other names.

Sometimes Myers uses Pharyngula to explain science, especially biology to his readers, other times Myers tells readers what he has been doing/will do at his university, at home, at conferences etc. Yet other times Myers explains his views, about religion, about atheism, about politics, about a range of issues, for more information see below.


Myers believes to succeed the atheist movement needs to be diverse, [4] FreethoughtBlogs which PZ runs gives space to gay atheists, to Black Skeptics, to feminist atheists, to young atheists and to many different types. Myers has trouble bringing his blog under control. [5]

Is American atheism elitist?[]

PZ dislikes the authoritarian mindset. PZ thinks too many atheists support that mindset and presumably hopes Pharyngulites will oppose it. [6]

  1. PZ isn't the only person who thinks atheist movements are a bit elitist. [7] [8]
  2. PZ isn't the only person who criticises Bill Maher either.
  3. Where's the authoritarianism??? I'm looking but I haven't found it yet.

Courtier's reply[]

One famous publication on Pharyngula blog was The Courtier's Reply. This was an attack on the idea that Richard Dawkins shouldn't criticise Christianity because he hasn't studied enough Theology.

  1. The Courtier's Reply Here Pharyngula Wiki reprints The Courtier's Reply.
  2. The Courtier's Reply Here Atheism Wiki analyses the Courtier's Reply.


Myers notes the proportion of Americans without religious affiliation has risen sharply since 1990, he believes there are three main reasons.

  1. Fewer Americans are getting a religious upbringing.
  2. More Americans are going to college and finding alternatives to the religion of their childhood there.
  3. More Americans are accessing the Internet. This has complex effects, many websites actively promote religious falsehoods but the websites of different religions, Denominations and Sects promote different, frequently incompatible messages. There are also atheist websites and science websites promoting a more logical and empirical approach than religious faith. Among those who look around and compare websites seeing different religious websites contradict each other can greatly increase skepticism. [9]

(We must not forget there are also cafeteria religionists among those without specific religious affiliation. Some are people who believe in God/gods, the supernatural but don't follow any specific religion, they pick and mix their beliefs from a wide range of online and offline sources. The Internet with its wide range of different religious websites promotes pick and mix religion as well as atheism.)

In 2013, Myers released a new book, ‘The Happy Atheist.’[10]

Myers didn't celebrate Easter, instead in 2014 he prepared a Genetics exam. For a happier Easter message he cites Zombies getting out of their graves and walking about with a gruesome picture. [11]


P Z Myers claims that theology involves smart, elderly white guys rationalizing what they personally want to believe. Myers can see no difference in principle between the mutually contradictory theologies of different Sects and denominations or even religious cults. [12] He also believes that answers to important questions have come from outside theology. [13]


Myers warns atheists against attacking Philosophy just because philosophers understand logics and win arguments making atheists who aren't philosophers feel less secure. [14]


PZ Myers is an associate professor at the University of Minnesota, Morris which is among the top public liberal arts colleges in the USA. [15] Myers thinks Betsy DeVos (who is in charge of education under Trump) does not know what college is like. [16]

Christian fundamentalist indoctrination[]

Myers believes Scientists need to counter groups like Answers in Genesis and Southern Baptist Convention which Actively proselytize. As well as explaining why their beliefs are wrong we should teach children how to think so they can see for themselves why Christian fundamentalist beliefs are unreasonable. [17]

Myers thinks "Accelerated Christian Education" used by parents homeschooling their children and unfortunately by some schools in several English speaking nations is poor education. Myers links to a website citing examples of blatant untruths taught to school age youngsters. One untruth is that the sun doesn't get energy from nuclear fusion, [18] another is that Evolution has been disproved scientifically. [19][20] Myers thinks it's wrong that some nations accept this travesty of education for university entrance. [21] [22]

Myers hates sadistic discipline, beatings, whippings, fundamentalist Christian parents and fundamentalist christian schools use to break the will of a child.

—PZ Myers[23]

That’s part of the story of Restoration Youth Academy, a Christian boot-camp in Alabama that promises to straighten out those darned rebellious teenagers with discipline…which means solitary confinement, beatings, bloody whippings, and sexual abuse. Many of these kids do have serious problems — drug abuse and mental health issues — but a) those are problems that can be worsened by a miserable home life, and b) even if the parents are otherwise blameless, shipping them off to a violent, brutalizing incarceration isn’t going to make them better. The article doesn’t say, but I wonder what proportion of these kids weren’t actually serious problem children, but were just people who had a different sexual orientation or dissented from the religious views of their parents, and were sent off to be punished and re-molded into a different view. Given that many of the institutions discussed in the story were intolerant fundamentalist Christian horror shows, I suspect a lot.

United States[]

Myers is concerned that Louisiana and Tennessee both allow Creationism to be taught officially in state funded schools. He notes that in states like Minnesota creationism is taught in schools unofficially even though this is illegal. [24]

Myers claims state funded Charter schools in Texas teach lies about Creationism, try and pretend Evolution hasn't been proved, they even use the Bible as source material. Their version of the origin of life is that God created Heaven and Earth and everything else. Texas also misleads pupils about, "history, other countries, feminism, stem cells, gay rights, sex ed" and more. Myers claims all this is illegal since the United States constitution should guarantee separation of church and state and the Charter schools are state funded. Myers has a very low opinion of those elected to run education in Texas. [25]


Myers is shocked that state funded Australian schools are allowed to teach creationism to children. [26]

United Kingdom[]

American teaching assistants have been working in Scotland and teaching creationism.

During a discussion on the Big Bang – the scientific theory explaining the origins of the universe – pupils were also said to have been told by teacher Leonard Rogers that people must stop putting their faith in things that cannot be proven.

Myers replies,


Wait. “Stop putting their faith in things that cannot be proven”…well, there goes the entirety of religion, then.

Christian fundamentalism[]

Myers is decidedly uneasy about the intolerance in the Religious Right.

—PZ Myers[28]

That’s what scares me about the Christian right. They have a definition of intolerance that repudiates any disagreement with Christianity at all — when they can see a comment that simply says there is soon to exist a silly movie that uses special effects to patch over Christian insecurities, and then regard it as an intolerant act, you can imagine the depths of persecution they would execute if they had any more power.

Myers has plenty of experience battling Christian fundamentalism and believes Christian fundamentalists are a dishonest lot.

—PZ Myers[29]

(...) why are these people who show up to argue for godly objective morality so consistently unable to represent honesty and forthrightness? I’m thinking it either means their god is a lying sleaze who left those traits out of his list, or more likely, that being a dishonest coward is a prerequisite for being a fanatical Christian. They aren’t showing their faith in a good light, that’s for sure.

Myers seems to agree with me Lying for Jesus is all too frequent.

Roman Catholicism[]

Myers has a few issues with the Roman Catholic Church.


Yes, there is a historic “link” from a Jesus cult in the ancient Mediterranean to the modern Catholic church. There are also historic links to pagan practices in Germany, the Mithraic cults from Persia, the political maneuvering in the 3rd and 4th centuries CE (which makes House of Cards look tame), etc. — syncretism is the rule, not the exception. The church has been evolving for as long as it existed, and when cladogenesis occurs, as in the Reformation, both branches are able to trace their lineage back to the same original set of founding events. I’m not defending Protestantism, by the way. You’re both loony.


Myers famously inflicted pain and death upon an innocent cracker supposedly consecrated as the body of Christ! Myers was supporting a student who took a wafer out of Mass without eating it. The student afterwards got death threats and threats of expulsion from his university in a display showing how tolerant Roman Catholic are.

Child molestation[]

Myers has spoken several times about the Priest Child Molestation Scandal. Myers is also concerned about pedophile cover up's and accuses Bill Donohue of trying to expose the name of a child who complained about molestation while the diocese where the alleged crime happened doesn't cooperate fully with police investigation. [31]

Myers notes the Archdiocese of St. Paul-Minneapolis, in his home state is paying out far more money than it receives. A great deal of this money goes on paying out over child victims of priestly abuse, paying out over adult victims of priestly abuse and paying out over other priestly misconduct like gambling. Paying living expenses of errant priests not allowed to work also costs the diocese a great deal. Myers wonders if the St. Paul-Minneapolis Archdiocese will go bankrupt or if the faithful will put enough onto the collection plates to keep the Archdiocese solvent. [32] [33]

Myers watched The film, Spotlight which dramatizes the way the Boston Globe exposed child molestation by Roman Catholic Priests in and around Boston. Myers feels the film is extremely good. [34]

Child neglect[]

A hypocritically named 'care home' for unmarried mothers and their children was investigated in Ireland. The remains of babies and children up to three years of age were found in an underground structure there. Myers believes those children were neglected in life and in death while the mothers were kept in virtual slavery. Myers thinks those who protest 'Planned Parenthood' should protest the Roman Catholic Church instead.[35]


Myers has a low opinion of Pope Francis and thinks he's doing public relations while his church remains in many ways bad.

—Myers [36]

His virtue is solely palliative — he’s there to say soft words and create the illusion that the church isn’t the domain of child-rapists and oppressors. The church denies family planning to women in Africa, bounces pedophiles around to unsuspecting dioceses, buries tales of generations of abuse in Ireland, demands that women die in the name of fetus worship…oh, look! Pope Francis said atheists might get to go to heaven! Aww, he’s so folksy and kind.

When the pope invited ""even nonbelievers to desire peace" Myers was unimpressed, he thinks the pope uses glib plattitudes.

—Myers [37]

I also don’t want to live under a peace that allows misogyny to thrive and lets child rapists roam free and thinks fetuses are more precious than women. This pope is not my friend nor my ally.

—Myers [38]

I’ve been astounded at how many atheists have been taken in by this geezer. He’s the goddamn POPE; by nature, intent, and training he’s fanatically against everything atheism stands for.

American Life League[]

Myers thinks the Roman Catholic American Life League are fanatical and opposes their idea that pointless suffering of dying people is a gracious gift from God. [39]


—PZ Myers[40]

“Religion of Peace,” my ass; Islam is the religion of ignorance and hate.

Myers has criticized Islam quite strongly. He used the title "Vile Islam" in a blog post regarding a Bangladeshi husband who cut the fingers off his wife's right hand as punishment for her going to college without his consent.[41] [42] More recently Myers criticised Bangladeshi law because four atheists face up to 14 years imprisonment after posting material critical of Islam and Muhammad online. [43] Myers is sympathetic towards former Muslims who risk serious trouble, even death as apostates if they admit they no longer believe Islam. Myers criticises many people for stereotyping all Muslims as the same.

  1. Some people treat all Muslims and even non-Muslims who look superficially Islamic, like Sikhs in a prejudiced, racist way.
  2. Other people react against the racism by excusing too much that the more aggressive Muslims do.

PZ Myers believes both extremes are unreasonable. [44]

Myers believes Gulf states are oppressive Theocracies, he notes Iran and Yemen and Saudi Arabia still have the death penalty for homosexuality and others are also oppressive. [45] Myers is concerned for Raif Badawi who was sentenced to seven years in prison and 600 lashes in Saudi Arabia for disobeying his father (Badawi is 31), and founding a blog critical of political and religious figures.

—PZ Myers[46]

This is what theocracy takes us to. And Saudi Arabia is one of our allies? Shouldn’t we have better taste in friends?

Maryam Namazie is a Freethought blogger who was threatened with legal action because she referred to the iERA (Islamic Education and Research Academy) as a hate group. Maryam Namazie repeated that she thinks they are a hate group and suggests they sent her death threats. [47] PZ Myers supports Maryam Namazie [48] Quite a lot of people are strongly critical of the iERA.

Spiritual abuse[]

Myers quotes Heina Dadabhoy

—Heina Dadabhoy[49]

What is spiritual abuse? What distinguishes “spiritual” abuse from regular forms of physical, emotional, and mental abuse? In spiritual abuse, a person’s faith and ideas about God, the supernatural, and the afterlife, get intermingled and entwined with relational and behavioral choices so that the situation is not only about the way a person thinks, acts, and relates – it is primarily about the condition of your soul.


Myers is skeptical about many who believe aliens have visited the Earth or that aliens are in contact with earth and is skeptical about those who promote such ideas. Myers claims many build vast alien theories and alien conspiracy theories based on inadequate evidence. [50][51]


Myers argues that scientists have never been apolitical. Scientists have always spoken out when they had expert knowledge that could contribute to a political debate. Myers gives the example of past scientists warning that smoking damages health. Myers approves of scientists marching when there are threats to science funding.[52]

Political liberal[]

Myers is a political liberal and hates the Republican Party.


PZ notes the September/October 2013 shutdown in the USA didn't hit military or homeland security


Health and human services, the department of energy, education, and our parks and museums are being hit. It’s always the stuff that makes us better people that suffers the first cut when the Republicans have their way.

Even the National Science Foundation which Myers cares about was shut down. "Thanks, you bastard shit-sucking dumbass Republicans!"[54] Myers sees Republicans as crazy, irresponsible idiots and hopes the party will die. [53]

Myers is concerned that The Republican Party are damaging science by requiring scientists to show their work will be in the national interest when applying for grants. Myers cites a source showing how impossible it is to estimate the value of basic research. Myers also points out that Republicans tend to know more about their concept of loving Jesus than science and feels science isn't safe in their hands. Myers is concerned that in 2017 Republicans in more than one state want to force academics to reveal their political leaning and want hiring dependent on which party the academic supports. Myers sees all this as a threat to academic freedom and personal freedom.[55] Myers fears people who do not understand academia are trying to control academics.[56] Myers supports the 'March for Science' [57] and was pleased with the local turn out at Morris Minnesota where he lives.[58]

Myers feels New Age types can't be trusted with science either. [59][60] If agenda driven politicians of either party start deciding science grants in the USA perhaps other nations with more objective criteria will have a chance to catch up.

Myers describes Donald Trump as, "Our unstable, incompetent, egomaniacal, blustering buffoon of a president."[61] Myers is seriously concerned about harm he fears Trump will do to the United States and to science.[62] Myers fears Jared Kushner, son in law of Trump is becoming more important than the State Department. Myers compares this to developing countries and banana republics where the ruler's family run everything. [63]


Myers supports Obamacare and believes that a medical student who cares more about market economics than about patients would make a bad doctor. [64]

Myers believes rich people can buy too much influence in American politics. [65]

Myers fears the media encourage war and bombings because war boosts their ratings.

—PZ Myers[66]

Every time I think maybe the media are growing a spine and showing some appreciation of their responsibilities: they see the prospect of a war that will boost their ratings, and suddenly they’re orgasming over missiles. (...) Fuck you all. Get off the air.

Myers fears how what he calls a 'game of nuclear chicken' between Trump and North Korea will turn out.[67]

Myers opposes Racism and exposes those who spread lies to promote racism.[68]


Atheism is ultimately going to have to be a progressive political force, fighting for inclusion, evidence-based policy, humanist values, and the goal of expanding knowledge and power for all. We’re hampered right now by a rather reluctant leadership that tends to focus on pettier issues in the name of unity.


PZ Myers approves of social democracy in Denmark and one little known side effect is that Danish women are less vulnerable to men who want to take advantage of them sexually. [70]

Myers opposes antisemitism too. [71]

Are atheists liberal?[]

Some atheists are liberal, many are progressive. Also believers of different kinds who follow the traditional religion of their community tend to be conservatives. None of that should surprise us. But by no means all atheists are political liberals, there are bigoted atheists of different kinds. Myers dislikes this [72] and so do I.

Still we shouldn't assume that all true atheists have to be progressive, that's the No True Scotsman fallacy. Atheists don't believe in God no more no less. Indeed I feel atheists who are also political liberals need to take care we don't generalize. We can find allies among the more Liberal Christians and other liberal believers from different religions. The American Religious Right disregards large parts of Christian teaching but still tries to claim they are the only true Virtuous Christians. If atheists try too hard to associate ourselves with liberal causes we can make it easier for the religious right to brand liberals as evil Infidels. Of course that's rubbish but but it can still make it harder for liberals to win in the USA. Atheists who care about promoting liberal causes need to take particular care we don't assume all atheists are like us or that only atheists are liberals.

Different types of atheists[]

Inevitably different types of atheists will want to get together with other like minded atheists online and offline. Liberapedia is a wiki for Freethinkers who are politically Centre left and I'm very active there. RationalWiki is also for politically liberal atheists. Here at Atheism Wiki the focus is on countering religion, Humanist morality and general issues where a wider range of atheists can feel comfortable.

Inevitably atheists who disagree with Feminism and who disagree with Centre left politics will also get together with each other. Unless they break the law they are within their rights in a democracy. As individual atheists and as groups we have to decide who we associate with and how closely we associate. We probably need a range of atheist groups, some focusing on philosophy, on countering negative effects of religion, others dealing with specific issues that concern specific groups of atheists. General atheist organisations need to dissociate from individuals and groups that risk giving atheism a bad name, see Misogyny Wars for examples of the type of behaviour atheist groups should avoid.


Myers thinks bus drivers and police should take things seriously when a woman complains about harassment while waiting for buses and on buses. [73]

Internet harassment[]

Myers condemns Internet hate campaigns aimed at forcing opponents to shut up. Myers cites one particular case where the campaigners hypocritically claimed to celebrate free speech while they humiliated an opponent, even suggested murdering that opponent and tried to stop that opponent campaigning. [74] Myers feels Twitter don't do enough to prevent online harassment and hopes alternative online services will develop that protect users better. [75]

Myers feels offensive negative comments discourage many people, especially women from making science videos on YouTube. [76]

Myers feels irresponsible behaviour by atheists makes it harder to feel positive about atheism. [77]

Gays and transgender[]

Myers believes discrimination against gays is wrong, he supports a grandfather who stood by his teenage grandson after the kid's mother rejected the lad for being gay. Incidentally the grandfather also disowned his daughter, disowning offspring looks like a family trait. [78] I personally feel both parents may be wrong to disown their offspring, the mother was shocked and possibly Bible Belt Christians brainwashed her. Better would be to concentrate on raising his grandson and keep lines of communication open between him and his daughter, hopefully in time the rift can heal.

Myers draws attention to the way the German Lutheran church and Roman Catholic Church both oppose teaching schoolchildren to accept sexual diversity. Myers interprets this as Christians not wanting the state to promote equality because equality in this area goes against their teachings. [79]

Myers accuses Americans from the Religious Right of fermenting homophobia round the world in areas like Russian, Eastern Europe, Africa. Myers claims further gays have been killed and maimed through their pernicious influence. [80]


Myers opposes Libertarianism, he wrote, "Libertarians are just “useful idiots,” pawns of the far right wing deployed whenever they want some stooge to claim that inequities are rational." [81][82]


See the main article on this topic:Misogyny Wars
Myers strongly supports Feminism within the skeptical movement. Myers has complained many times about what he sees as sexual exploitation of women in organisations and events connected with the Freethought effort. He also fears there is denialism over the issue and believes only far reaching change can rescue the movement. [83] [84] [85] Myers doesn't know what percentage misogynists are in the skeptic movement but he's sure there are too many. [86] Myers sees the feminist issue as a "a fight for the soul of atheism — and [Myers] want[s] atheism to be something worth fighting for." [87]

Ken White helped PZ over a legal spat with Michael Shermer when Shermer was accused of misogyny and even rape. [88] Ken White looks like a sensible guy, Ken certainly has a sense of humor. [89] [90] [91] yet more Allegations have surfaced against Shermer.

Myers also supports other feminism related issues, he notes that scientific material published by women academics is, other things being equal less likely to be cited. Myers suggests graduate students should get training in objectivity. [92]

Evolutionary psychology[]

Myers disagrees strongly with an article by Chris Mooney. [93] Do I risk taking sides? Frankly I think both sides are correct part of the time.

  1. Sometimes Humans are inclined to imagine an intelligent entity behind something and that has helped us survive in the past, many different biologists have pointed this out.
    1. If we mistake plants rustling in the wind for a stalking predator we survive.
    2. If we mistake a stalking predator for plants rustling in the wind we die.
    3. Assuming an intelligent agent is behind something frequently helps us survive, very often that assumption is wrong. Still it matters that when there really is a predator about we err on the side of caution.
  2. We humans are also inclined to accept logical arguments and to work to understand logical arguments that other people tell us. Our logical ability frequently helps us survive in very many different ways.

So what happens when the two conflict, when Logic suggests a natural explanation for evolution or anything else and teleology suggests God or gods and goddesses are behind the existence and nature of life or something else? We all know what happens:

  1. Some people accept natural logical explanations.
  2. Others become or remain believers.
  3. Some try to reconcile the two, eg through Theistic evolution.

Of course upbringing, group pressure and the like frequently influence people's decisions.

Chris Mooney's idea isn't complete nonsense, Mooney overstates his case, he overlooks Taoism and Buddhism but Chris Mooney's idea can explain a great deal about religion in many cultures. Of course our tendency to think in teleological ways can be overcome as the success of Taoism, Buddhism and Atheism shows.

Divisions in the atheist movement[]

Unfortunately some divisions in the atheist movement are necessary, there are garbage people inside and outside the atheist movement and sometimes this should be pointed out. [94]

  1. We need to prevent Misogyny in the atheist movement and to keep women safe at conferences. If some people don't want women to be safe we need to resist them, if nothing else misogyny gives atheism a bad name. Less liberal branches of Christianity get a bad name for treating women as subordinate to men as do many other Religions like Islam. It will benefit the atheist movement if we show that atheists are in the main better than patriarchal religions.
  2. Also there's a selfish side to Libertarianism and Libertarianism is about giving rich people freedom to undermine the majority. We need to show that Libertarian atheists aren't representative of the whole movement or atheism risks being branded selfish and losing support.

The atheist movement doesn't need fights over whether to support or oppose evolutionary psychology. I don't know enough to say whether PZ Myers is more correct or whether those evolutionary biologists who agree with evolutionary psychology are nearer the truth. I do know enough about politics to say this dispute risks harming the atheist movement.

See also[]

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